Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WOW WOW OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola Y'all!!!!

You guys are not gonna believe this!!!! A really great artist has done an original oil painting and donated it to our shelter to be auctioned off!!! And some good friends, Gary and Josanne, are doing a fund raising party for us at their GORGEOUS resort!!! www.pococieloresort.com
If you're ever comin' to Costa Rica you would LOVE this place!! They have a rescued cocker spaniel who is SOOOOO spoiled!!

We are gonna do a silent auction at the fund raising party but we wanted to give you guys, my best buddies, a chance to bid on the painting too!!

The artist is Al Alexander. He is from New York and made his living as an artist there. He's even got a painting hanging in the White House Historical Society!! And the late Malcolm Forbes had one of Al's paintings too!!!
We took the paragraph below straight from his resume!!

"Al's fine art is included in corporate and private collections in England, Europe, and the United States. Collectors include Merck & Company, the Newark law firm Tompkins McGuire & Wachenfeld, the president of Burlington Mills, the publisher of Yachting Magazine, and the late Malcolm Forbes.
In 1998 Al was chosen as the New Jersey artist (one from each of the original 13 states) to do a painting for the White House Historical Society's year 2000 Commemorative Calendar. In1999 Al was commissioned to do 13 paintings for The US Army's year 2000 Viet Nam Calendar."

Mom gave him all of our photos to choose a picture from and he picked out his favorite. Is this gorgeous or what!!!
If you click on the pictures they get BIGGER!!

The painting is 28" by 22" and is shadow box framed. Mom hung it on the wall so you can see the size.

We figure if you guys want to bid on it, just e-mail me at mrbudbud@gmail.com.
Mom will post the bids on my blog and you can see if you want to outbid the high bidder!!! If you don't want your name revealed we'll keep it a secret!!
(I'll have to tie a cord around Demon Dog Delilah's mouth though cause she is SUCH a blabber mouth!!)

The minimum bid is $50.00 cause Mom says for that she will buy it herself and keep it!! WMFWB!!!!

We will cut off the bids, from y'all, a day before the fund raising party and post the high bid as a minimum at the party. Then, if somebody outbids you, we will let you know by e-mail and you can decide if you want to bid more!!
Whaddya think?

My tail is bout wore out from waggin' so much!!!

Let us know what you think about this!!

WMFWB!!!!!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt)

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Kodak the Eskie said...

What a beautiful painting! I hope you get lots of bids on it!

Hugs, Kodak