Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hola Y'all!!!
We had a FANTASTIC clinic here at Lighthouse Animal Rescue!!!
All your donations did WONDERS for the animals here!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!

There were LOTS of humans (kind of like an invason!) and you never SAW so many animals!!! It lasted for two whole days!!! It was supposed to be three days but VIDA, the coordinator, changed it.

There were about 17 vet students from the states.
We had helpers too!! Our buddy Sharyn took the names and stuff out front and my human dad, brother, and sister, and our friend Brea, did all the various chores that needed doing!!!

Me and the other Lighthouse furbabies had to stay in the bedroom cause Mom didn't want us underfoot. (bummer)
But we watched through the screen door!!!

The vet students were SUPER!!!!!!!! I fell in love about a hundred times. (I lost count!) All the girl students were GORGEOUS!!! I told Mom to be sure to get all their names and where they came from so if I ever go there I can visit them!!

We had 5 Costa Rican vets working with the students. Some here doing spays/neuters, tending to injuries and illnesses, treating for fungus and mange, vaccinating, cleaning teeth, de-worming, and all kinds of stuff.
The rest were out at the farms tending to big animals like cows and goats and horses and stuff!!

They'd all work til about noon and then eat lunch here. VIDA paid the neighbors to cook and bring food down. People came from ALL OVER with their animals to have them treated!!!

They sat around our front yard and waited their turn!!
They spayed/neutered about 70 animals here but we didn't get to see any of the stuff they did at the farms!! Some of them came back really dirty and stinky though!!

The students names are:

Crystal Campbell from Lompoc, CA

Stephanie Morris from Austinburg, OH

Erin Schulz from Cochecton, NY

April Gessner from Wilmington, NC

Rachel Kuester from Bel Air, MD

Emily Hanwell from Anderson SC

Shannon Henry from San Marcos CA

Courtney Culbertson from Raleigh NC

Leslie Hutchinson from Edgewater FL (
She used to work for my Doctor Kim in Florida)
Kaye Gibson from Lanoka Harbor NJ
Sarah Casal from Brooklyn NY

Rebeka Sanabria-Leon from Puerto Rico

Courtney Crane from Ft. Lauderdale FL

Cordo Carraher from Oxford MD
Dan Arrington from Fredrick MD
Maritza Batista from NY

Genevieve Grammer from Colby WI

The vets names were,

Dr. Solano

Dr. Moncado
Dr. Villalobos

Dr. Zuñiga

Dr. Ellis

VIDA is the group that organizes the clinics and Sondra was the coordinator who did this one.

Mom told all the vet students that when they become vets they each have to come back to Lighthouse and do a free clinic!!!

While we were having the clinic some people brought in a tiny little puppy and said they had found it on the road in another village. Mom figures it was probably their own puppy but she took it in anyway. Now we have to get her spayed, when she's old enough, and find her a home!!! She's only about 5 weeks old!!!
Any of you guys want to adopt a really cute puppy?

I'm gettin' Mom to post some pics of the clinic at my photo site. We took LOTS of pictures!!
There are 61 pictures!!!
Y'all be sure to go look at them okay? It's the "Spay Days" album at:
And let us know what you think!! I love gettin' emails and Mom reads them to me!!


One really tired perro

Saturday, December 27, 2008


My human sis, Joray, is an artist. She does all different kinds of art from painting to sculpture. Her favorite right now is wood burning!!

She just got done with this picture of our Ebony!!!
Don'tcha LOVE IT????
She is thinking about doing custom portraits for people of their own pets and selling them on line.

This is the photo she used.

We haven't framed it yet but me and Mom couldn't wait for you to see it!!!

Ain't this NEAT????


Friday, December 19, 2008

Laika Lays Down For the Lamb

Hola Y'all!!! And Feliz Navidad!!!

We had some excitement yesterday!! Mom and Aunt Nell left yesterday morning to go somewhere. I didn't get to go cause Mom said it was a surprise.

Anyway, they came back with a new kid!!!!
HECK!!!! New kids are no surprise around this place!! But this kid was different!! SHE'S A THREE WEEK OLD LAMB!!!! And wait til you hear what happened!!!

They brought the new kid in and I was the first one allowed to meet her of course. She is really cute and she has this red mark on her forehead where they marked her at the farm.

Mom named her "Navidad" cause her mom died while they were at a live Nativity scene. She is only three weeks old so somebody has to raise her on a bottle. Our vet called Mom and Mom and Aunt Nell went and got her. Aunt Nell had never touched a lamb before so she got to hold the baby all the way home!! She says she never knows what she's gonna get into when she goes out with Mom. WMFWB!!!!!!!!!

After I met her Mom let some of the other perros come in to meet her, with me supervising of course. They all sniffed her and looked her over and told her, "Welcome to Lighthouse!"

When we let Laika in Mom was very careful to tell Laika, "She's a baby Laika, be nice." Laika is bigger than the rest of us and used to be REAL aggressive so Mom supervised that meeting.

Well Navidad went right straight up to Laika and acted like she knew her!!! Maybe her mom was the same color as Laika.
Anyway, after Laika was with Navidad for a few minutes she offered to adopt her!!! She laid down and offered her puppy bottle thingys for Navidad to nurse!!!

Mom got VIDEO of it!!

Navidad doesn't know how to nurse that way of course so she didn't take Laika up on it but we thought it was a pretty neat thing for Laika to do!! Laika seems to think maybe this is her kid and Navidad LOVES Laika!

Navidad follows Mom around like a puppy and lays under her feet here at the desk. She has just become a regular member of the family and gets along with all us perros and cats!!!

Wanna see Laika offering her bottles to Navidad? Mom got it on video!! HOW NEAT IS THAT???? You just gotta see this!! And show it to all your friends too!!
Just go to

Navidad, the new kid

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tree with a view!!!

Feliz Navidad Y'all!!!!

Me and Mom and Dad have been doin' some decoratin' for Christmas. This year we put the Christmas tree out on the porch.

It looks REAL good and us perros can't wait to see the gifts get under there!!
shhhhh.....Mom's got 'em hid in the spare bedroom......

She went to Grecia the other day and came back with a HUGE black bag.

Now I've spent enough Christmas's here to know that Santa lives in the used clothing store in Grecia. They have clothes there for sale but they have used stuffed toys too!!! So I figure Mom's been to see him!!!! It's a pretty big bag too so I'm guessin' there's LOTS of dog and cat toys in it!!!

Tommy (the little skeleton dog) is doin' REALLY good!! Mom says he might get to come out back with us other perros in another week. He still has to have medicine every day cause of his ehrlichia and infections but he is gaining weight now (3 1/2 pounds) and his appetite is MUCH better, his eyes are clearing up and when Mom and Dad go out to see him he wags his little nub of a tail and is really glad to see them!!

Chica, the little coffee field dog, is ready to find a new home but Mom says it's gonna have to be a really special one. One with a high fence and some other dogs to play with.
Chica is an escape artist and if she don't have playmates she's outta there. She's just a kid so we all understand about that.

The other night me, Mom, Dad, Juliette, and Milana all went to a nice restaurant for dinner. When we came out there were two cows in the dirt parking lot. We looked and the fence was down in one spot.

Dad went back inside and told the waiters and they came out. Mom, Dad, and the waiters shooed the cows back into the pasture and braced up the fence.

Mom laughs and says, "Only in Costa Rica."

We put some new photos on my photo page.
There's some new sunsets too and some pictures of some toucans who been hangin' around.
Man!! They've got some really big noses!!!! And there's one of what Mom says must be a "Costa Rica Driving School." WMFWB!!! Check out my pics!!!! And be SURE to let me know what you think!!! I need more email!!!!

Y'all have a really good Christmas!!!!!

Jingly tailwags,

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Here's our 2008 Christmas card!!
Go ahead!! Click on it. It gets BIGGER!!!

We all wish you a TOTALLY GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!

BudBud, Juliette, Joy, Krystal, Chloie, Bunny, Delilah, Milana, Lluvia, Laika, Andre,
not in photo:Spanky, Blade, Scooter, Tommy, and Chica

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Fund Raising Party ROCKED!!!!!


There's so much goin' on here at our house!!! Most of us perro's are doin' everything we can to help but some of us are REAL slackers!!!

Now me, I am on my toes ALL the time, helpin' Mom, helpin' Dad, watchin' after all the other perros and keepin' them straight....the list goes on.

I don't mind a bit cause I'm just that kind of furbaby. No task is too great or too small for me!! As long as I get my 22 hours of sleep a day I'm STRICTLY business the rest of the time!!!

Of course there are some LAZY perros here too so I try to cover their chores too. Life ain't easy for a perro primero at Lighthouse.

We told you a while back that some friends here were going to throw a fund raising party for the shelter. Well it happened Sunday and it was GREAT!!!
At least that's what Mom and Dad told me. I didn't get to go!!! (sad puppy eyes)

Poco Cielo Resort, here in Atenas, is a BEAUTIFUL place and the owners are just the greatest people!!!! Josanne and Gary, who own Poco Cielo, worked their tails off getting ready for the party and man did they do a fine job!!!! If you guys ever decide to take a vacation here that is the BEST place to stay!!

Josanne and Gary

There were snacks, drinks, dancing, a silent auction, and LOTS of fun!!!! Mom sang all night and everybody seemed to like it.

Mom hasn't done a show in a long time and it plum wore her out!!! But I know my mom. She is SUCH a ham and she enjoyed every minute of it.

She didn't get time to take any pictures though cause she had a microphone in her hand the whole night, but other people did take pictures and we are waiting to get them so I can post them for y'all to see!!
The one of Josanne and Gary is one that Sharyn took.

People brought some GREAT stuff for the auction!! There was all KINDS of stuff to choose from!!

Some of our other buddies volunteered to help out too. Nell and my human sis, Joray, worked the door and took the people's entrance fee, sold drink tickets, and collected the auction money.

Sharyn ran the bar like a pro and Mike was our dignified parking attendant.

My human bro, Bud, helped with a little bit of everything, moving tables around, helping clean up, coming to the aid of young ladies in distress, (he's a charmer y'know) and taking pictures!!!

They all worked REAL hard but I think they all had a good time too!!! EVERYBODY said they had a really good time and wanted to know when the next party will be!!!

The money collected will go a LONG way toward helping with the expenses here at the shelter!!!! We raised $969.00 after expenses!!!

All us here at Lighthouse want to thank EVERYONE who attended and/or donated!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Now we have to start getting ready for the big spay/neuter clinic at the end of this month!!!!!!!!
Whew!!! A fuzzbutts job is never done!!!

Tailwags Y'all!!!
And some doggie kisses too!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breathing easier

Hola Y'all!!!

Well we are finally able to breathe a little easier since the two Las Vegas furkids are safe.

Thanks to some FANTASTIC folks in the states the two Las Vegas boys are in foster homes bein' loved on. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

More to come on this story!!!
Hang onto your hats!!!

Just wanted to remind you, since you might be starting your Christmas shopping now, to take a look at our shopping page and maybe shop through there. When you do, we get a percentage to help keep the shelter here running. You can buy almost ANYTHING this way because they have LOTS of stores that participate!!

Just go to
and it should bring up our page!!!
Add it to your favorites so you can shop there all the time!!!



Monday, December 1, 2008



The two dogs in the kill shelter in Las Vegas are out of there and SAFE!!!!!

Thanks to some of the worlds finest people, the two dogs I wrote y'all about yesterday have been pulled out of the shelter and are safe in foster homes tonight.

Mom's American Eskimo rescue friends and a lab rescue friend worked it out and one of them went to the shelter today and got the dogs.
Aunt Heidi, Aunt Louise, Aunt Teri, Aunt Helen, and everybody else who helped with this!!
You just have no clue how special you are!!!

We are all SO relieved!!!!

Thanks to all of you who said prayers and sent good thoughts too!!

Now maybe Mom and me will be able to sleep tonight.

Tailwags from a VERY happy BudBud