Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tree with a view!!!

Feliz Navidad Y'all!!!!

Me and Mom and Dad have been doin' some decoratin' for Christmas. This year we put the Christmas tree out on the porch.

It looks REAL good and us perros can't wait to see the gifts get under there!!
shhhhh.....Mom's got 'em hid in the spare bedroom......

She went to Grecia the other day and came back with a HUGE black bag.

Now I've spent enough Christmas's here to know that Santa lives in the used clothing store in Grecia. They have clothes there for sale but they have used stuffed toys too!!! So I figure Mom's been to see him!!!! It's a pretty big bag too so I'm guessin' there's LOTS of dog and cat toys in it!!!

Tommy (the little skeleton dog) is doin' REALLY good!! Mom says he might get to come out back with us other perros in another week. He still has to have medicine every day cause of his ehrlichia and infections but he is gaining weight now (3 1/2 pounds) and his appetite is MUCH better, his eyes are clearing up and when Mom and Dad go out to see him he wags his little nub of a tail and is really glad to see them!!

Chica, the little coffee field dog, is ready to find a new home but Mom says it's gonna have to be a really special one. One with a high fence and some other dogs to play with.
Chica is an escape artist and if she don't have playmates she's outta there. She's just a kid so we all understand about that.

The other night me, Mom, Dad, Juliette, and Milana all went to a nice restaurant for dinner. When we came out there were two cows in the dirt parking lot. We looked and the fence was down in one spot.

Dad went back inside and told the waiters and they came out. Mom, Dad, and the waiters shooed the cows back into the pasture and braced up the fence.

Mom laughs and says, "Only in Costa Rica."

We put some new photos on my photo page.
There's some new sunsets too and some pictures of some toucans who been hangin' around.
Man!! They've got some really big noses!!!! And there's one of what Mom says must be a "Costa Rica Driving School." WMFWB!!! Check out my pics!!!! And be SURE to let me know what you think!!! I need more email!!!!

Y'all have a really good Christmas!!!!!

Jingly tailwags,

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Kodak the Eskie said...

That's a beautiful tree. What a great idea to put it on the patio! Wish I could see a cow -- I've never seen one.

Hugs, Kodak