Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mom says "DANG DAWGS!!!!"

WOOF Y'all!!!

Two of the furkids dug under the fence and disappeared!!! Mom  and Dad searched all day and into the night for them. They yelled themselves hoarse calling the two little demons!! Climbing up and down steep mountain terrain searching. Our place is surrounded by coffee fields so they could easily be lost. No road to actually follow back home.
Mom was posting, throughout the day, on Facebook, to Kristi, (the lady who is planning to adopt Gracie) 
Ya gotta remember when you read this that Mom was NOT in a good mood after climbing up and down mountains all day. (giggle)  Here is that exchange:
Gracie and Clem have disappeared. Gracie has begun digging under the wall out back and has escaped with Clem and Sprinkles in tow about three times. We fixed the area where they were digging out but they found a new place. We have searched everywhere and yelled ourselves hoarse. Have distributed flyers in the area with photos and a reward. Have gone on the ATV all the way down the back road with no luck. Say some prayers that we find them. We are extremely worried.
They've been gone for about four hours now.
Saturday 4:56pm
4:56 Just got back from another trip down the mountain on the ATV. It's about to get dark. I don't know what to do.
I have all the neighbors watching for them and have told the neighborhood kids.
Oh god. Hopefully they will get hungry and come home. I'm praying they don't get out on the road and are just playing in the bushes! I'm praying for them and I think miss Gracie needs to be grounded when she gets home!
They are still not here. Cannot find them. I too hope they will come home. We are leaving the gate partially open so they can get back in the front. When Gracie DOES return she's going on a cable run. I'm too damn old to be running up and down this mountain and worrying about this kind of crap.
I hear u! Cable run for sure, rotten damn kid! Wish me luck tomorrow, going to catch a stray male pup. His sister got run over and died yesterday so really want to get him before he gets hit looking for her.
Saturday 8:16pm
They are back. I hate BOTH of them!!!! I had made one last trip down and back up the mountain calling and yelling. No luck. Then I thought I heard dogs barking when I took the others out to pee. Bruce and I climbed down the steep, east bank again, in our night clothes, to call and look with flashlights. We could hear dogs barking on the other side of the valley but were not sure if it was them. Stayed there and called and called. They'd bark back but still could not tell if it was them. We were down there for about an hour calling but they didn't seem to be coming nearer. We climbed back up the hill with me pushing Bruce from behind because his knee was killing him from all the climbing. Mr Fox, an hour later, in the bedroom with Bruce, kept barking. Bruce finally got up and took him out. Mr Fox stopped in the grass to pee and Bruce heard something on the other side of the gate and then saw a paw reach under the wooden gate. That bitch Gracie. He let her in and came out front and called up to me. I went out with my flashlight and down the banks we went again to try to find Clem. After about 30 minutes of calling and listening I heard a whine down at the bottom end of the property. We trekked down there, still barefoot and muddy, and found Clem trying to come back in one of the holes Gracie had dug the first time. Had to pull the boulder out of it we had blocked it with. They are each now in crates. Don't trust them overnight not to dig again and disappear. Son is coming down tomorrow to try to help me fix the wall so they can't dig under. I ought to just shoot the two of them damnit!!! Good luck catching the little guy. Please hurry here and get this damn dog!!!
So glad they are home and safe. Tell Gracie she is on my s--t list and she's on restriction until I can get her brought to Arizona. Get some sleep girlfriend! Love you!
Can't tell her anything. I'm not speaking to her.

WMFWB!!!! Mom was pretty mad at them for escaping. Of course Gracie is still running with us on the property, getting plenty of lovin' and is not on a cable run....and Bro came down today to help Mom and Dad figure out a way to fix it so they can't dig out anymore.

We just did a new video of our new furkid, Benny. HE WAGGED HIS TAIL TODAY AND ACTUALLY CAME TO MOM INSTEAD OF RUNNING AWAY!!! We're all doin' the happy dance!!!
You can see the video here.

TAILWAGS from the Lighthouse Crew.

Friday, August 16, 2013

RESCUED!!!! Thanks to good people.

Mom had seen a story about a dog in Limon Costa Rica who had been attacked with a machete. He had two horrendous wounds on his shoulders.
Of course Mom offered to take the dog in and try to save it as the woman who had originally found the injured dog has no money for vets and for care.
Someone volunteered to drive the dog here to Atenas to our shelter.
The dog was to arrive here yesterday but Mom never heard from any of the parties involved. She was getting pretty worried because she knew the woman had gotten a neighbor to sew the wound closed and Mom knew that infection would be starting quickly. 
Also, from the original photos she had gotten it looked like the spinal column might have been severed or at least damaged.

We got information today that the womans' neighbors all chipped in and got the dog to a vet. He opened the wound and had to do surgery on some sliced muscles and arteries. He put 42 stitches in. Half inside and half outside. The vet feels pretty sure that the dog will survive but may walk with a limp due to the muscle damage.
The woman has decided to keep the dog for now and a rescue group near her has offered to help her with meds and after care for the dog!!
Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are attaching the two before surgery photos and the after surgery photo. They are VERY graphic so if you have a weak stomach maybe don't click on them.

We're just glad this dog got the help it needed and that there were actually enough people who cared!!!
Thank you!!!!!

Another New Kid.

Tailwags Y'all!!!

Just a little update on what's going on here at our place!!
Gracie, Mercy and Mr Fox are all doing great. Healthy, (at last) and happy!!!

We got a new kid in two days ago. Mom named him Benny. He was abandoned in Atenas and is now here. He is in pretty bad shape but he's is eating good and is learning to not be so scared of humans.
Please say some prayers for him and send some healing thoughts.
And here's a link to a video Mom did yesterday of some of us furkids playing!! You'll see Mercy, Gracie and Mr Fox all having a good time.

Y'all have a great day and COME SEE US!!!
Tailwags from the whole Lighthouse Crew.