Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can you please help re-unite three best friends?

Hola Y'all,

A young woman just arrived here yesterday, 11/30/2008 in Costa Rica.
Before she left the states she was told, by her friends, that it was not fair to drag her two dogs all over the place. She had no job for sure and not even a home yet.

The day before she left, wanting to do what is best for her two best friends, she took them to a place that she thought was a no kill shelter.

She has not stopped crying since she got here. She's got my fur all soggy!!
She loves these animals. They are, as she put it to Mom, "all I have left."
Her heart is breaking. She has made a horrible mistake.

They are a male black lab and a male min-pin. Both 7 years old. They are inseparable. The min-pin sleeps on top of the black lab. Both of them have had all their shots and are neutered. They get along great with other animals.

Is there ANYONE on my list, or do any of you KNOW someone in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, who could get these dogs and keep them until we can make arrangements for them either to come here or to find a home together there in the states with someone who will keep this girl in touch with them?

She only wants what is best for them.

Me and Mom know how full up all you rescue people must be. We were always overloaded too when we were there. It just never seems to stop.
God bless you all for everything/ANYTHING you are doing to help the animals.

But after having dealt with humans who just dump their animals and never give them another thought, it is heartbreaking to see someone who immediately regrets having given up her furbabies and only wants to undo it.

All us Lighthouse perros voted and Mom says they can come here if we can get them here.

Please please please help if you can. We all want to help this girl and her dogs.
If you can help or know anyone who can help PLEASE let us know!!

The dogs are in the Lied Animal Shelter/The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas Nevada.

Paws crossed,

UPDATE!!! A rescue friend in Las Vegas is helping. She knows some of the people at the shelter and is going to contact them. Y'all keep praying and sending good thoughts okay?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hola Y'all!!

We are thankful for all of you guys who love animals.
Thank you all!!
Dogs: BudBud, Lady Juliette, Princess Joy, Demon Dog Delilah, Milana, Bunny, Krystal, Chloie Amber, Andre, Chica, Laika, Baby, Lluvia, Tommy, CATS: Spanky, Blade, Scooter, Elvis and Priscilla. Also human types Frances, Bruce, Joray, and Bud

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gettin' Ready for the Holidays

Hola Y'all!!

Mom has been takin' some GREAT sunset pictures so y'all be sure to go to my photo site and see 'em.

Here's a sample!! Go ahead!! Click on it!!

My two legged human brother found a HUGE ol' bug in Puerta Viejo!!! MAN!! If a bug that big ever got near Mom we might never see her again!! And y'all could hear her scream all the way in the states!! The bug picture is on my photo site too.

Things get pretty hectic around here around this time of year. What with Thanksgiving and Christmas comin' up.
Us perros are all tryin' to figure out how we can mooch some of that turkey Mom's gonna cook and what Santa's gonna bring us. Mom is busy tryin' to figure out how the heck she is gonna find time to even BUY anything for Christmas.

Miss Chica, the little red dog from the coffee fields, already GOT her Christmas present. Dr. Solano spayed her, Mom vaccinated her, and now she's ready to find a new home!! She's gained some weight too!! She is gonna have to have a special home cause she's what Mom calls a "Houdini!!" She even can get out of OUR yard!!! And it's pretty much escape proof!!!

Chespita got spayed too. She's a TEENY little girl who belongs to a friend of ours. They wanted to make sure she got the best care so they brought her over to Mom to get her spayed. Mom took her to Dr. Carvejal and helped with the surgery. While she was there she taught him how to use his new ultra sonic dental scaler.

All of our vets here are GREAT!! There's Dr. Carvejal, Dr. Solano, Dr. Vlass, and Dr. Alexa. Mom's crazy about them!!! Now if we could just talk Dr. Kim into moving down here we would be REAL happy!!!

Mr. Tommy's doin' REAL good!! He's still awful skinny but he's eating regular now and he even jumps up and wags his little nubby tail when Mom or Dad go out to see him. Mom says he should be ready for a new home by Christmas time. He's still pretty shy though. Mom says he must have had some pretty bad treatment before he found us.

Our Krystal is feeling much better too!! Mom's REAL happy bout that and so are the rest of us perros.

The property next to us has been sold and they are down there with big machines making a place to build a house!! Mom says we have to stop barking at them so much cause it ain't gonna end soon. We're not used to havin' people over there so it's a little scary and SHEEEEEESH!!!! We're only tryin' to protect Mom and Dad!!

Hey!!! If you guys are gonna buy any Christmas presents on line be sure and use the Give Back America thingy okay?

It don't cost you any extra and whatever charity you choose gets a part of it!!!
That's as pretty nice thing to do for Christmas dont'cha think?

And if the place where you work orders supplies on line get them to do it too!!!

Well, gotta go. Mom says she has other things to do besides sit here and type for me.
I'm considering gettin' myself a new secretary.

Tailwags til next time!!!!
Be sure to check out my photos at and let me know what you think.
BudBud the extremely busy perro primero

Friday, November 21, 2008

We're on !!!!

Hola Y'all!!
Check this out!!! What a GREAT way to raise funds for your favorite charity!
And it don't even cost you anything!!!
When you shop on line, you can do it this way and a percentage goes to our shelter, or whichever charity you choose!!
Christmas gifts, airline tickets, pet supplies, almost ANYTHING!!!
Y'all go look at it!!

If you're gonna shop on line you might as well help somebody too huh?

They sent us this letter (below)to introduce their site to you.

Lighthouse Animal Rescue

We would like to formally announce our partnership with

We now have our own personal shopping mall listed on

We have partnered with to help our organization raise additional funds, all at no extra cost to you the consumer!

GBA logo is an online shopping mall created to raise money for local charities. The concept is simple, every time you shop online from your favorite online retailer (ex. Target, Expedia, Amazon, Ebay) a percentage of each purchase goes to your favorite charity.

How can You help? Follow these simple suggestions!


1) Use and our organization's personal shopping mall everytime you shop online!

2) Tell your friends about our shopping mall using the "Six Degrees of Giving Program"

6 degrees of giving

3) Save our organization's personal shopping page to your favorites!


1) Encourage co-workers to use!

2) Book company travel online through our mall (Ex. Expedia, Travelocity)

3) Order office supplies online (Ex. Staples, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot,

This is a great opportunity to help us raise money. Please remember to use everytime you shop online, it can make a difference!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of our former furbabies

Hola Y'all!!!
We just got this great pic from one of our "adopter moms" in the states!!
This is American Eskimo "Ocoee" and her mom and dad and two siblings!!!
Me and Mom are always SO happy to get pics like this of our former furkids!!!
Below is the post from her mom!!

OMG she is the most happy dog !
we love her so much !!!!
and I cant thank you enough for bringing her into our lives !!!
she is 12 1/2 .. no one believes she can be that old, and act so young !

Sure.. you can use the picture, and when I get more of her.. I will send them too !!!!

Thank you !

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All Shook Up

Hola Y'all!!! From SHAKY LAND!!

Last night we had a terremoto!!! That's earthquake in Spanish!!!
It woke us all up and, as usual, scared the bajeebers out of Mom.
She started praying to God to take care of all of us.

I moved over and laid my head on her shoulder to let her know I was gonna protect her. She needs me y'know.

Anyway, it lasted for almost a full minute and it shook everything pretty hard. It was rocking the rocking chair, rattlin' the windows real hard, and vibratin' the house pretty hard.

Mom read this morning that it was a 6.2 on the Richter scale. She says it was on the border of Panama and Costa Rica. We didn't feel it nearly as bad as they did further south. We have been through a 6.8 when we first moved here and Mom says it was not NEARLY as bad as that one. She says what we felt here last night was probably only about a 5.6.

It woke up Dad and Bud,(my human brother,)too. Dad came up to see about Mom and us cause he knows how bad those things scare Mom. It's a good thing I was with her so I could keep her calm til Dad got there.

We had a couple of aftershocks but they were pretty mild.
Anyway, we are all okay!!


Tommy is BETTER!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and healing thoughts for Tommy, the real skinny little guy from the restaurant. He is doing good. For the first two days he would not eat or drink. He just laid there and Mom was afraid he was dying. Mom had to do subcutaneous fluids on him several times to keep him hydrated. The vet (during the emergency visit)put an intravenous fluid drip in his leg but as soon as Mom's back was turned he chewed it into and it all ran out of the bag. So Mom just kept doing the subcutaneous thing.

Mom tried everything she could think of to get him to eat, but he just was too weak.
She kept giving him Nutrical and vitamins and stuff and finally, night before last, he showed a little interest in some hamburger meat she cooked for him. She hand fed him small bites, while he laid on his heating pad, for the rest of that day. By the next day he was up on his feet and moving around a little bit. We put him out in the ex pen for some fresh air and sunshine. That afternoon, when she brought him into the clinic, she had his bowl of warm hamburger meat waiting. He actually got EXCITED when he smelled it!! Mom was SOOOOO happy to see that!!!

Now he is eating six or seven times a day and drinking water on his own!!! He still has explosive diarrhea but Mom says it is getting better. She is giving him Flagyl to help stop it.

Mom thinks possibly he had not eaten in so long that the few bites of food he got at the restaurant put his system into shock or something. She's no vet but he acted REALLY hungry at the restaurant and then when we got him home he seemed to more or less collapse.

He's still AWFUL skinny but if he keeps eating like he is he will put on weight soon. Keep saying prayers and sending healing thoughts okay? And I'll make sure Mom keeps everybody updated on his progress.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Our neighbor came over to chat with us this afternoon while Mom and Dad were workin' on the gate. He was tellin' us about his friends terrifying experience.

It seems he and his friends and family were all sittin' out in his backyard a couple of nights ago when this "creature" gave the visitors all quite a fright.

It leaped off a shed roof and landed, "THUD" in their yard. Silently, it crept closer, under cover of darkness, and began walking toward them!!! All they could see, through the darkness, were two, slanted, evil lookin' yellow eyes!!

As it got closer the visitors started to panic and shout!
"GATO DIABLO!!!!!!!!!!!" they screamed!!! (that means "devil cat")

The creature just kept creeping closer!!!

Our neighbor jumped up to look and realized what it was.... Just the funny lookin' cat from the gringos house. He explained to the visitors but they responded, "BUT IT HAS NO EARS!!!"

He told them that "The gringos do animal rescue and take in the abused animals. This is just one of them and is a very loving cat."

They finally settled down and Spanky strolled on over just as if he had been invited to the party. They all had fun petting and lovin' on our Mr. Spanky.

If you don't know about him you can read his story at,

He's a total love sponge and thinks he is a dog that just happens to be able to climb real good.

He greets all the visitors here and considers being petted his pay for being the greeter. If they don't pet him he gets his feelings hurt.

Anyway, we thought you'd enjoy the story!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hola Y'all,

Mom and Dad brought this poor kid in last night. He came into a restaurant where they were eating and Mom grabbed him up and put him in the car. We've named him Tommy.

How can people do this?
Mom wants to get her hands on people that do this and do the same thing to them.
Personally I think people who would do this need to be euthanized.

She's not very happy today.

He's real real weak and is not eating or drinking. He's real dehydrated too. Mom did subcutaneous fluids on him, gave him Nutrical and worm medicine but he doesn't seem to be feeling any better. We just gave him a large dose of Karo syrup to try to boost his blood sugar.

Y'all say some prayers please and send some healing thoughts for this kid. Mom will get him to the vet tomorrow.

On a side note: "Chica," the little girl from the coffee fields, jumped the ex-pen and is back out in the coffee fields. We have the neighbors all looking for her. Mom has got TONS of meds here that Chica needs to be taking.
UPDATE!!! Chica has been found and returned to Lighthouse. NOW Mom can start giving her her medicine!! What a goofy dog!!! Who'd want to leave here?
Anyway, she seems to feel good and is now in the clinic in a crate, eating a large meal.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Milana the Tail Devil

Hola Y'all!!

Me and Mom made a new video this afternoon. We put it on Youtube so it doesn't slow my page down.

Milana is a five pound, "Demon Dog in Training," and her favorite game is grabbing Chloie Amber's tail and hangin' on for dear life.

Chloie Amber is a great sport about it and sometimes initiates the game.

This time poor Chloie Amber was tryin' to pee in the flowers when she was ambushed from behind.

And the game was on!!!



Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah Went to the Bridge Tonight

Hola Y'all,
Mom is kind of blue. She had to send a baby to the bridge tonight.

This afternoon a man brought in two dogs they had found in the coffee fields.

One was a skinny, little, light brown girl. Mom had seen her and had been trying to catch her for the past couple of days.

The other was a really pretty little girl who was a dark dark, sable brown. Mom had never seen her and we figure she had been hiding in the coffee field waiting to die. She was TERRIBLY skinny, limping, had goopy eyes, and big, nasty lumps all over her body.

Mom took them both to the vet tonight and, when he checked the dark brown girl, he said she was too far gone to save. The big, nasty lumps were full of icky stuff and he said it was not wounds. He said her poor little body was just so filled with infection that it was basically just making these lumps and oozing out of her skin.

Her gums were almost white and she was in a lot of pain. Dr. said it would be almost impossible to cure the HEAVY infections she was suffering from and that she also had ehrlichia.
He told Mom it would be more merciful to let her go so Mom cradled her, crooned to her, gave her the name "Sarah," and cried while the vet did what he had to do.

She went peacefully and she knew love probably for the first time in her life.

The little brown girl was not in such bad shape and she is going to be fine....we hope. She has severe infection in her eyes, possible distemper, and is pretty skinny. Her teeth are in really nasty condition due to her diet and she is only about 8 months old. She also has mange.
She is on lots of medication now and will be for a while.

Mom is hoping she will be feeling MUCH better by the time we have the fund raising party that Gary and Josanne are doing for us.

HEY! She might even get a home with someone at the party. Wouldn't that be GREAT?

Anyway, please say a prayer or send some healing thoughts for little "Chica" and spent a few seconds of silence for little Sarah.

Mom promises to post some pics on my blog tomorrow.

Subdued tailwags,

Thursday, November 13, 2008


HOLY COW!!! $1,027.00!!!!!

Hola Y'all!!

Mom just called all us perros into the room and told us we have received a total of $1,027.00 in donations for the spay/neuter clinic that's comin' up.!!! We are all waggin' so hard Mom says we're stirrin' up all the loose dog hair!!!

Princess Joy almost went into happy shock!!! That's her photo up above.

Course I wasn't as surprised as the rest of 'em.
I know what great folks y'all are and I knew you'd come through for us on this clinic.
This is the first time we have actually done a fund raiser ourselves.

Thank you all SOOOOOO much!!! This money will buy vaccines, antibiotics, wormers, syringes, needles, scalpels, disinfectants, and ALL KINDS of stuff for the big event!!

Mom put some new pics on my photo page so go check it out!!! My two legged human bro, who lives in Montezuma is becoming quite a photographer!! Mom put a couple of his photos on the site. He gets all his talent from me of course.
There's a pic he took of a monkey outside his shop and a neighbors little girl on the beach.
Oh!! And there's a pic of Miss Krystal when she got her blood transfusion. She is feeling a lot better now but she is still on medication.
There's a pic of Mom's fig too!! She and Dad planted a fig tree last year and it is making FIGS!!!!

Our sunsets are back so there's a couple of those on there too!! We know how much you like the sunsets.

The pics are at

Thanks again folks. We are all SOOOOO happy!!!! Mom's gonna call Dr. Olman tomorrow to order stuff!!!

Let us know what you think about the photo site!!! I LOVE gettin' e-mails!!!


Milana's thievery

Buenos Dias Y'all!!!

Our little Milana is turning out to be a thief!! She LOOKS like a sweetie....but she has a little devil in her too!!

She loves to drag things under the bed. She tries to get the BIG stuffed dog under there but it won't fit. Heck!! She only weighs five pounds so it is all she can do to drag it across the floor!!!

Now, every time Mom takes a shower Milana steals her bathmat.

When the bathmat started disappearing Mom decided to watch and scold the culprit as soon as they grabbed the bathmat. Once Mom yelled at her Milana caught on the first time.
She dropped the bathmat and pranced off into the bedroom.

Then while Mom was washing her hair Milana ran back into the bathroom and stole it right quick while Mom wasn't watching.

Now she lays outside the shower door and watches Mom. As soon as Mom's back is turned, she grabs the mat and runs off with it.

She's a sneaky little devil!!!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Letting Them Go" my mom

The hardest part is letting them go.

Harder than having to look at the terrified eyes and having to smell the stench of their mange and the poop in the matted fur around their raw and oh so tender backside.
Harder than seeing them cower in a corner because they have been so badly abused in the past they have no reason to expect anything different.
Harder than cleaning up the puddles because they urinate out of fear every time someone looks at them.
Harder than shaving them to the skin because they are so horribly matted they could never be combed.
Harder than finding festering sores or even broken limbs under all that matted fur.
Harder than cleaning their poop off the floor or out of their crate because nobody ever cared enough to teach them about going outside.
Harder than seeing them frightened by grass because they have spent their lives on wire floored cages.
Harder than smelling their rotten breath because their diet has been so bad their teeth are all destroyed.
Harder than watching them bump into walls because they are blind from the ammonia stench in the lower puppy mill cages. Harder than hearing the vet say, "There's not really anything we can do."

The list could go on forever.

None of this comes close to being as hard as letting them go once they are whole again.

But it is all part of doing rescue. If we kept them all we would eventually run out of space and there would be no room for the next one who needs us. Therefore we have to let go.

Animal rescue is one of the most heartbreaking jobs in the world and there are not enough people doing it. Our hearts will be broken again and again.
We are horribly outnumbered by the animal abusers, irresponsible owners, greedy breeders and the like.

But then, there is the reward. Seeing the most disheveled, terrified, emaciated animal blossom into a loving, beautiful, loyal, healthy, confident creature.

They look into your eyes and you know.
It is worth doing over and over and over.

Frances "Kitten" Jones 11/12/08

Please volunteer to foster a rescue dog until a permanent home can be found. Contact a rescue shelter in your area.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WOW WOW OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola Y'all!!!!

You guys are not gonna believe this!!!! A really great artist has done an original oil painting and donated it to our shelter to be auctioned off!!! And some good friends, Gary and Josanne, are doing a fund raising party for us at their GORGEOUS resort!!!
If you're ever comin' to Costa Rica you would LOVE this place!! They have a rescued cocker spaniel who is SOOOOO spoiled!!

We are gonna do a silent auction at the fund raising party but we wanted to give you guys, my best buddies, a chance to bid on the painting too!!

The artist is Al Alexander. He is from New York and made his living as an artist there. He's even got a painting hanging in the White House Historical Society!! And the late Malcolm Forbes had one of Al's paintings too!!!
We took the paragraph below straight from his resume!!

"Al's fine art is included in corporate and private collections in England, Europe, and the United States. Collectors include Merck & Company, the Newark law firm Tompkins McGuire & Wachenfeld, the president of Burlington Mills, the publisher of Yachting Magazine, and the late Malcolm Forbes.
In 1998 Al was chosen as the New Jersey artist (one from each of the original 13 states) to do a painting for the White House Historical Society's year 2000 Commemorative Calendar. In1999 Al was commissioned to do 13 paintings for The US Army's year 2000 Viet Nam Calendar."

Mom gave him all of our photos to choose a picture from and he picked out his favorite. Is this gorgeous or what!!!
If you click on the pictures they get BIGGER!!

The painting is 28" by 22" and is shadow box framed. Mom hung it on the wall so you can see the size.

We figure if you guys want to bid on it, just e-mail me at
Mom will post the bids on my blog and you can see if you want to outbid the high bidder!!! If you don't want your name revealed we'll keep it a secret!!
(I'll have to tie a cord around Demon Dog Delilah's mouth though cause she is SUCH a blabber mouth!!)

The minimum bid is $50.00 cause Mom says for that she will buy it herself and keep it!! WMFWB!!!!

We will cut off the bids, from y'all, a day before the fund raising party and post the high bid as a minimum at the party. Then, if somebody outbids you, we will let you know by e-mail and you can decide if you want to bid more!!
Whaddya think?

My tail is bout wore out from waggin' so much!!!

Let us know what you think about this!!

WMFWB!!!!!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt)

Monday, November 10, 2008

More of the Lighthouse babies

We just gotta say THANKS again for all the donations!! They are gonna make this the GREATEST spay/neuter clinic EVER!!!!

Some of the other fuzzbutts here are complainin' cause there's no pictures of them on my blog so here they are folks. The
permanent residents of Lighthouse. Well, except me of course and Demon Dog Delilah says there's WAY too many pics of me on here already. She is SUCH a witch!!

Demon Dog Delilah Milana

Mr Spanky Scooter Kid

Miss Lluvia Princess Joy

Lady Juliette Miss Krystal

Miss Chloie Amber Miss Blade

Mr. Andre Miss Bunny
Miss Laika

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cinco Perros Blanco

I thought y'all might like to see a pic of the "Eskies of Lighthouse."
There's 5 of us American Eskimos here.
We kind of run the show.
Course I'm the BIG boss but I let the girls have jobs too.

There's Krystal, Chloie Amber, Princess Joy, Me, and Lady Juliette.
This is a pic of all of us up on the upstairs porch lookin' down at Mom.
If ya click on it it gets bigger.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slide show of some of our rescue babies

Hola Y'all!!!

Mom made a slideshow of some of the furbabies we've rescued over the past years. You'll see it on the left side of my page.
It's pretty long (there's over 250 pics) so you probably won't want to sit through the whole thing but Mom didn't want to leave anybody out.

We don't have pictures of every rescue baby but these are the ones we DO have pics of!!

There are a few before and after photos too. Like Laika, Spanky, and Flaca.
Your donations go to help furkids like these.

Mom found a neat way to make this slide show on another blog. You can make one too!!! Neat huh?

Y'all let us know if it slows the blog down too much okay? We know how it is to have to wait a long time for a page to load and we don't want that to happen!!

(Hey Mom!!! I think I'm gettin' the hang of this "blogging" thing!!!



We are still getting donations!!! We've gotten 21 so far!!!

Mom says my butts gonna FALL OFF from waggin' so much!!!!

I even got a "Love letter"from a cute little girl eskie that says she has a crush on me!!! (blush)
She says she donated her "treat" money to help the furkids here!! Is that sweet or what!!!

Some people have emailed us and asked if they can donate some other way than Paypal.
Mom says you can just deposit directly to our shelter account at Bank of America.

Just let us know if you want to do that and we will send you the account number!!

The donations are gonna be a BIG help with the spay/neuter clinic!!

You folks are terrific!!

Thanks so much!!!
BudBud (still blushing)

WOW!!! You guys ROCK!!!

Hola Y'all!!!

WOW!!!! We've gotten 12 donations!!!!
WMFWB!!!!!!!!!!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt)

One of our friends even forwarded my e-mail to some animal lovin' friends and THEY donated TOO!

You guys are GREAT!!! Some of the animals who will come to this clinic would never see a vet in their life if not for this.

Here's a pic of a typical breakfast at Lighthouse!!

GRATEFUL Tailwags!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you donate to help the animals?

Buenos Dias Y'all!!

We need donations.

We're gettin' ready to do a REALLY big spay/neuter clinic here at Lighthouse Animal Rescue. It's gonna last for three days!!! There'll be 19 vet students and 3 or 4 vets working to spay/neuter, examine, treat and medicate, as many dogs and cats as possible and they'll also be vetting the farm animals in our village. We'll be spayin' and neuterin' dogs and cats whose families can't afford to pay anything so it's up to us to pay.

I got "fixed" a long time ago. Mom told me I was goin' to the vet to get "tutored." At least that is what I thought she said. Well the vet gave me a shot, I dozed off, and when I woke up all my "stuff" was gone.
Mom says it is better not to have unwanted puppies in the streets so it is all for the good.

If you want to donate to help spay, neuter, or vet some animals you can click on the "Donate" button at the top left of my blog and donate through Paypal. All of your donations will be used to buy medicines, vaccines, medicated shampoos, cleaning supplies, pet food, and stuff like that. The more of you who you donate, the more animals we can help. It don't have to be much. Every penny helps!!! Mom hates to ask for help, and we usually just do it out of our pocket, but now we are gonna have to start asking.

It's bad here in Costa Rica just like in the states cause there are irresponsible owners who let their little girl dogs run loose and get pregnant. Then they don't want them anymore or can't afford to feed all of them. They take them out and dump them.

Us rescue dudes take them in and do all the stuff that needs doin' and then find them homes. Course we have to keep them, feed them, treat them for fleas each month, clean up after them, take care of their veterinary needs and everything until they find a home and all of that costs money. We need your help please.

If you can help with even a small donation please do. Us critters, oh...and Mom of course, sure would appreciate it.

Below are some photos from our last spay/neuter day. We did 37 animals that day and it was small compared to what we will be doin' this time!!!

Thanks in advance to any and all of you who can donate.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Treat time at Lighthouse

Just in case you folks are new to my list and don't know about us, we do animal rescue here in Costa Rica.
You can see LOTS of our pictures at

Below is a link to a video of Mom givin' all the furbabies their nightly treat.
We tried uploading it to here but it quit working!! So Mom says you will just have to see it at


I'm Gettin' E-MAILS!!!!!

Hola Y'all!!!

WMFWB!!!!!!!!!!!!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt)

I'm gettin' LOTS of e-mails about my blog and most everybody seems to like it!!! Thanks for letting me know!!!!

Me and the other furbabies have been singin' all morning. We are out on the porch while Mom cleans the house.
Dad and my bro have gone to look at some construction projects so they will be gone a couple of days. Mom says that gives us a chance to clean the house real good.
I've seen Mom in action when she cleans house and I am sure glad the broom and mop won't fit my paws!!!

She did threaten to tie a dust mop to my tail one time though!!

Rainy season is about over here so there won't be so much mud tracked in the house. Mom says that's a GOOD thing!!
She makes this frowny face when we track in tons of mud. And she yells too!! I dunno why though!! It's JUST dirt!!! And she loves the outdoors!! Go figure.

Another thing she fusses about is dog hair. I mean, what does she expect with 15 to 20 furry animals running around all the time?

She keeps saying, "Hey!! Can't you guys hang onto your hair?"

I told her, "Mom, just leave all the others outside and let me be the only indoor dog and you won't have that problem."
But does she listen? NooOOoo.

We've got to get a really teeny little dog spayed on Friday and Mom is going to help Dr. learn how to use the machine he bought to clean dogs teeth. Mom got one too, from our vets in the states, and she's gonna clean all our teeth as soon as she has the right thing to hook it up to the water. She scrapes 'em every now and then with some dental tools she has but she says this ultrasonic thing will do a LOT better job!!!

Well....gotta go. Mom just uploaded a video of Lil' Scooter after she came home from surgery. She couldn't walk very good. Drunk cats are FUNNY!!!

Here's the video!!!

Til next time!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Halloween photos

Hola Y'all!! Thought you might enjoy seein' my halloween photos.
I was REAL scary!!!