Friday, October 11, 2013

Lighthouse Update 10-11-13

WOOOF Everybody!!!

We know it's been a while since we updated our blog but it's been a little crazy around here, (as usual,) and Mom has been kinda we'll let her get by with it this time.

All of us are doing great. Miss Mercy is now in her new home. She is TOTALLY loved and spoiled and she loves her new mom!! 
When she saw Mom she just could not stop hugging her with her head. She'd run back to "New" mom and jump up on her as if to say, "I really really love you!! But this is my other mother and I just gotta go hug her some more." Then she'd run back and hug Mom some more.
If you don't remember Mercy, she is the one that was so terribly near death when Mom got her. Mom was up with her all night the first night giving her supplements and drops of water and electrolytes to get her through the night. She was too weak to even raise her head. Mom had to give her everything one drop at a time because she wasn't conscious enough to swallow.
She really turned into a BEAUTY!!!!!!!!

Mr Fox is doing GREAT!!! He's the one with three fractures in his legs and pelvic. He could barely get around when he arrived 'cause his back end parts didn't work very well. Now he's running and playing and enjoying life. He still drags that right rear leg but not enough to keep him from running with us other Lighthouse kids. And of course he still loves Larry....the first friend he made here at Lighthouse.

Benny is now in a foster home and is doing great!! Mom got him all healed up and he was lookin' good and feelin' good so he went back to Animales Atenas and they found a foster home for him.

Gracie got adopted by our vet!!!! She was supposed to get adopted by our volunteer Kristie but those plans fell through. So our vet said he wanted her for his own!!! 

The other day some people came to visit from Colorado!! They run a wolf sanctuary there called Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center!!
They brought us all kinds of donated medicines, flea & tick preventative, skin medications and all kinds of stuff!! Mom was THRILLED!!!

And some people we pup sit for brought their furkids for us to pup sit and when they found out Mom had been sick they told her they had hired their groomer to come this Sunday and give us all baths and stuff!!!! Is that the nicest thing you ever heard of!!! Mom says that's such a sweet thing to do!!! .....wait a minute.....did I say baths? uh oh.

We're adding a few pics in memory of BudBud. He was such a special furkid. Mom can't get him off her mind today. She just keeps sniffling and stuff. 
Here's our BudBud over the years. He is very very missed.

Y'all have a great day and we'll try to keep our blog more updated. 
The Lighthouse Crew