Friday, March 26, 2010

Help us win for the new kids at Lighthouse

Hola Y'all!!
Here's a short video Mom did the other day of us kids here at Lighthouse right now!! Hope you enjoy it!!
Keep voting for us okay? We really need to win that grant. We've got a spay/neuter clinic coming up on the 4th of April and that money would help a lot!!
Just go to and click on the purple tab that says "Shelter Challenge." Then type in Lighthouse for the shelter name and click on Costa Rica for the country. Search..and when our name comes up vote for us and wait for the vote confirmation question. It's free and it will help LOTS of animals here in Costa Rica.
Enjoy the video!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Times At Lighthouse

Hola Y'all!!

We've had a GREAT couple of weeks here at Lighthouse!!! We got to meet Aunt Karen and Uncle Frank!! AUNT KAREN MAKES HOMEMADE TREATS!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! They have a really cool cat named Merlin

and a little girl dog named Sissy!!

She's a real cutie. She's not quite used to hangin' with so many perros but she's getting there. A couple more visits and she'll be putty in my hands. Y'all KNOW how charmin' I can be!! I think she's a little scared of ol' big mouth Laika.
Aunt Karen helps Mom give us baths!!!!!

They came up again today to meet the new pups who got dumped Wednesday. Mom and Dad were dressed and ready to go to a St. Patty's Day party when a woman showed up with two puppies she said were dumped on her road. She owns a restaurant and she said her cook saw them first, told her, and she ran out to the road and picked them up seconds before a big bus came over the hill.

Mom just took them in the clinic and put them in a big soft fleece in one of the kennels until she could get back from the party. They seem pretty healthy but they have a little bit of mange. They're pretty cute kids. Mom says they are Schnauzer mixes about 6 weeks old. We named 'em Patty and Marty.

AND GUESS WHAT!!!! Our clinic refrigerator died and Mom lost LOTS of her dog and cat medicines and a lot of expensive tests!! She was really sick about that.
Well today a good friend, Jose, donated a little refrigerator he was not using!! Now all we gotta replace are the meds and the tests!!

And we got to meet some MORE really nice people!! Art and Caroline, some people Mom met on Costa Rica Living, went and got the refrigerator for us and brought it to us!!!! Mom gets lost every time she goes to Alejuela so Art offered to get it for us!! How's THAT for really nice people!!!

Bingo and Annie are still here and needing homes. And we think Super Mom Lisa has decided she's stayin'. There's a new kitten too. Her name is Mariah.

We're still in 2nd place in the shelter challenge and that's ANOTHER good thing!!! It's just been a really good couple of weeks!!! Y'all be sure to keep votin' ok? We need that grant to replace some of the meds and stuff.
All ya gotta do is go to and look for the purple tab, on the right, that says "Shelter Challenge" Type in lighthouse for the shelter name and click on Costa Rica for the country. Search and when our name comes up click "vote" and wait for the vote confirmation!! Do it every day until April 19th and help us win!!!

We love it when good things happen!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meet Beatrice!!!

Meet Beatrice!!!
She just came into the shelter last night and GOT ADOPTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!

She is another victim of idiot humans who put a cord around her neck and tied her to a tree.
A kind rescue lady in Atenas rescued her from her situation and sent her here to Lighthouse so Mom could look after her til she heals!

Well we had a veterinarian come for a visit today and when he saw Beatrice he fell in love!!!
He adopted her and took her home with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll get to see her real often because he is planning to come to our shelter and using our clinic room once a month to do clinics for the animals in our area. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has a clinic in Grecia and is specializing in dentistry for animals.

This happened so FAST!!! Mom is still in shock!!!

Beatrice had already been spayed and was in good general health except for the embedded collar and an infected eye.

Why are some humans so stupid? Us dogs would never tie up a human and hold them a prisoner!!

Anyway, a VERY happy ending to this short story!!!!

Be sure to vote for us in the grant competition. We have to vote every day until April 18th!!
Just go to the link and click on "shelter challenge." Then type in Lighthouse, click on Costa Rica, search and when our name comes up VOTE for us and wait for the vote confirmation.