Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apartment Robbery

Tailwags Y'all!!

OK. Mom is finally awake and able to make something other than blubbering sounds. 

She woke Dad up at 1:00 AM night before last and they LEFT!!!!!! 

Us furkids figured they were going after another "emergency" furkid 'cause that's usually the only reason they would wake up and leave the house at that time of night.

We waited for them to come home but then the sun came up and we were still waiting!!!! We all got kinda worried. We were hungry too!!! And poor Gracie and Dama, who sleep in their crates, were REALLY needing to go potty and none of us other furkids knew how to operate the latch on the crate door!!

When Mom and Dad finally got home they looked TERRIBLE!!! They took care of all of us first and kissed and hugged us and apologized for us having to be alone for so long. That took a while 'cause there are 22 of us right now to hug and kiss. 

We sure were glad they were home!!!

They were SOOOO proud of Gracie and Dama!!! They actually held it and didn't mess up their crates!! SUPER DOGS!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, today Mom doesn't look quite so much like those horror movie zombies..... 

and she's actually beginning to pick her feet up off the floor when she walks.

She was pretty scary lookin' when she first got home!! 

Anyway....We're gonna let her tell what happened 'cause, of course, us furkids weren't there.
Here goes.

Hello friends,
I promised to tell you all the details of what had happened Tuesday night.
I have FINALLY slept and, although my eyes are still not focusing correctly my brain is about a half step further along and is managing to form somewhat understandable thoughts......I hope.

I had just sat down on the side of my bed on Tuesday night when the phone rang. I answered it expecting it to be, as usual, someone calling me about an injured animal.

My brother owns some apartments in Grecia, a town about 40 minutes away, and since he lives in the states,  we take care of the apartments for him. (Hubby Bruce actually does all the work)

The lady on the phone (a police officer) said the apartments had been broken into and robbed. She said they took TVs', microwaves and kitchen articles. (She was mistaken about the microwaves)

Then she told me they had our property AND the robbers there at the police station and asked if we could come there and identify the property.

I woke Bruce up. He had had about three hours sleep and I really hated waking him but I didn't really want to go that far so late by myself.

We dressed and made the 40 minute drive to the Grecia Police Station. 

When we walked in they had four young men handcuffed to the hard, flat, wooden benches in the entrance way. Each had one hand free.

All of them were wearing hoodies and had their heads lowered so we could not see their faces. If they had to look up they pulled their shirt front up to cover the lower half of their faces. They mumbled among themselves and twisted and turned on the benches. (I gotta tell you right now folks those are extremely uncomfortable benches.)
I also have to say I personally think hoodies should be banned. 

The police showed us the TVs' and we identified them as being from the apartments. Then they told us that two of the young men were minors and two were adults. One was already on probation for the exact same crime. 

I asked how they caught the men and they told me a neighbor had heard the shattering of the doors and called police. NOW comes the only "funny" part of this story. 

The police responded to the call and they see four young men, strolling down the road at nearly 1:00 AM....two of them with TVs' on their shoulders. 

(Now we're not talking small tvs'. These are BIG...OLD TVs' know...the kind that are about three feet from front to back and weigh about the same as a small pony.)

They just stood there as the police approached as if nothing about them should be at all suspicious! 
( officer...we're not doing anything wrong. Just taking our TVs' for a stroll. Why yes!! Of course they're ours!!)
(Hi Officer!! What? NO! These aren't TVs'! They're our new boom boxes. These things get bigger every year y'know.)

Did I mention it was raining?

They finally took the handcuffed young men, (notice...up until now I have referred to these four as "young men." That's going to change so be warned.) back to the holding cell. I can only hope they had those same benches in there.

Injecting a note here: I'm one of those HORRIBLE people who smoke cigarettes. When we left home I only had two cigarettes in my pack. Expecting to be there and back home in a couple of hours I was not real concerned. When I realized this was not going to be the case I asked one of the officers, who also smoked, where I could buy cigarettes. At 2:00 AM he told me the only place would be a bar. Not knowing where any bars were in Grecia there seemed no way I was going to be able to get a new pack.

We signed some papers, verifying that the TVs' were from the apartments and they said we could sit down.....on those benches.

They worked on paperwork and we sat...and sat....and sat.

Then some other officers arrived and the arresting officers (the ones we had been dealing with) told us to follow them to the apartments.

We got into our car and followed the police car. He kept making turns we were unfamiliar with and we knew they were not heading toward the apartments. 
The officer finally pulls up in front of a business, gets out and comes back to my car. I rolled my window down and he said "Give me money."  (?????) He then said, "I'll buy you cigarettes."
WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn't have my brand but at that point I could have cared less.
What a sweet thing for the policeman to do!! 

SO!!! We leave there and go to the apartments. (This is where calling them "young men" changes")

Apartment # 4

 TV stand

Apartment # 3

Apartment #1

They accidentally dropped two of the 8 knives they stole from the kitchens on their way out. The police covered them with a mat and put crime scene tape above them to wait for the investigators to get there. 

These four tick brained, gutter scum, vermin infested, drug sucking, lazy, shiftless, worthless waste of human tissue, poster boys for birth control, too sorry to get a real job maggot turds (See. I told you that was all gonna change.) had used crow bars and their feet to pry the locks and kick through the doors of three of the apartments, DESTROYING THE DOORS and causing a few hundred dollars worth of damage for two OLD TVs and the remotes (I'm amazed they had enough intelligence to remember the remotes) and eight kitchen knives. 
They MIGHT have been able to sell the TVs for $20.00 each and God only knows what they planned to do with the knives.

Do I need to mention we were "upset" when we saw what they had done?

At that point I was EXTREMELY tempted to ask the police to PLEASE just tear up the paperwork and turn over the maggot turds to me. 

We went back to the police station where we spent the rest of the night, SITTING ON THOSE SAME BENCHES, waiting for the rest of the paperwork to be completed. As the sun rose in the sky they realized the paperwork ALL had to be redone because there were minors involved. 
Did I mention that the police had called the "parents" of the minors before they called us and the "parents" basically just said "uh-huh" and went back to sleep. 

So......we sat....... (the only way I can actually describe how uncomfortable those benches are is to say these are exact replicas of the benches in the waiting room for hell) Some of them were made out of wooden slats placed about three inches apart. (remember I have a skinny, bony butt so you can imagine the discomfort.)

THEN!!! The TV crew and newspaper crew showed up!! From what we can gather this was a major "bust" for the Grecia police. The little turd who was on parole has, evidently, been doing a lot of this kind of thing and teaching the younger turds the ropes.
They are ALL repeat offenders, drug addicts, etc.

After the reporters were done we had to go to the "Fiscalia" to sign the warrants against the maggot turds...then back to the apartments to try to deal with the OIJ (investigators) and then try to secure the apartments until the doors and door frames could be replaced and find a neighbor to stay in one of them overnight to guard them.

Our son, bless his heart, had left his work and gone to the apartments and met with OIJ so that part was already done and over with when we arrived.
We got a neighbor to stay in the apartments overnight and headed home.

By now it's almost 2 PM and we are both FRANTIC to get back to the dogs!! KNOWING that poor Gracie and Dama are still in their crates and that all the others are probably starving to death. (They did miss breakfast after all)

We got home and let the two out of their crates whereupon they actually took a moment to greet us, tails wagging, before making a beeline for the door to get outside. They had not even soiled their crates. POOR BABIES!!!!!!!! What great furkids they are!!!

We had both been up all night and day. Bruce had, at least, had three hours sleep but he was ready to drop. I, on the other hand had been without sleep for 32 hours.
I don't guess I need to tell you I felt and looked like something the dogs had dug up in the yard from a very deep hole.

I must bad and as exhausting as the experience was, it would have been a whole lot worse if the Grecia police had not been SOOOO gracious in their treatment of us!!! They were WONDERFUL and extremely thoughtful. God BLESS 'em!!

We don't speak enough spanish to communicate well. Yes, we should have learned more by now but the animals don't really demand it and I don't hang out with a lot of humans so the process has been slow.
They didn't fault us for that and were so VERY patient with us!!

They offered us coffee all night, were very understanding, and I just cannot praise them enough!!
At shift change, 7:00 AM, they make breakfast for the officers coming on duty. They offered us gallo pinto (beans and rice) and coffee and when we refused (we were really too tired to eat) they brought us four bananas and coffee. 
What a WONDERFUL group of people they are!!!

I've now had some sleep and am able to function rationally. Bruce, after a good nights sleep, has gone to the apartments with our good friend Rick, Peggys hubby, to repair the damage. It's so good to have GENUINE friends who will help out in a situation like this.

And to the little tick brained, gutter scum, vermin infested, drug sucking, lazy, shiftless, worthless waste of human tissue, poster boys for birth control, too sorry to get a real job maggot turds who caused all of this....Get off the drugs, get a job, act like human beings instead of toilet scum, ditch the hoodies and at least TRY to look respectable, and never forget.........I'm watching you. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Benny Meets The Crew!! 9-3-2013

Howdy Y'all!!
Benny when he first arrived at Lighthouse
Benny now

Little Benny passed his check-up today and the vet said it was ok to let him join the Lighthouse crew!! He's doubled his weight, his infections are cleared up and his hair is starting to come back in!!! 
He's a cute kid!! Sprinkles really likes him!! 
Here's the video Mom did today when she introduced him to us!!

From the Lighthouse Crew!!!