Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Extra Lovin'

Hola Y'all!!!! Things are going pretty smooth right now. No emergencies for almost three days and we have FANTASTIC guests from some place called Germany!!! They LOVE us furkids and we're gettin' all kinds of extra lovin'!!!

Mom and Dad have started renting out the guest room to vacationers!! Mom says this might help raise some money for the shelter!!
Mom and Dad say prices keep going up and our retirement is staying the same for another year or two. Mom fusses about something called "government" and says each of them should have to live on what we make each month. I don't know what all that means but it seems to worry Mom and Dad a lot.

Us perros and gatos are THRILLED that we have guests coming in to stay in our guest room. We get all kinds of attention!!!

Mom says the only people who would want to stay here are REAL animal lovers!!
She listed our guest room with We had three guests a couple of months ago and right now we have two GREAT people from Germany!!! In December we have someone else coming to stay with us!!!

Paco is doing FANTASTIC!!!! He's running and playing like the puppy he never got to be. He's healthy and happy!!! Now all we have to do is find him the perfect home!!!

There's a TV crew coming here today to interview Mom and Dad. They're doing a show about people who have moved from the states to other countries. Mom says I have to be on my best behavior!!!! I don't know why she would say that. I'm ALWAYS on my best behavior!!
Gotta go!! Mom says we need to tidy up the house before they get here.

Don't forget to vote int he shelter challenge for us!!
Just go to Click on the vertical tab on the right "Shelter Challenge" type in lighthouse and click Costa Rica for country. Search and when our name comes up VOTE FOR US!! Then be sure to wait for the confirmation question to confirm your vote.