Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bess, Day 2

Bess had a nice, warm bath today. She was a little scared at first but the warm water, soothing words, soapy massage helped her to calm down.

She is now all clean, flealess, tickless, and feeling pretty good!!

She is still very wary of strangers and when my daughter in law came into the clinic room she went on guard
She is also very wary of men and yesterday would not allow my husband near her. He has helped me work with that and now she is beginning to warm up a little toward him. Her little nubbin of a tail actually wagged a little today when he was talking to her.

Who can blame her for being fearful? She obviously had a family. She accepted love from me right away. All of a sudden she is on the streets, alone, with no idea of what she has done that was so bad it would make her family abandon her on the side of the road.

Hopefully she will get over her fears and learn to trust again.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Got a new kid in today. A VERY PREGNANT little girl. We've named her Bess and she's just a puppy herself.

She could deliver her puppies any minute. Her belly is HUGE!!

She was dumped, probably because she's pregnant, at a nearby restaurant. She's been there for a while.
Someone who worked there contacted Animales Atenas and they contacted Lighthouse. 
I went up there last night but was told that someone had taken her home, then, this morning someone said she was still I went and got her.

She was scared at first 


but once she felt a kind touch she came around really quick and is SOOO happy to be in a safe place, with a comfy bed, food and water and with love surrounding her.

Please say prayers that she is able to have her puppies without complications and that we can find them all perfect homes.

Catching up......again

Just a bunch of photos to catch up on what all is going on at Lighthouse.
All is going well. The furkids are enjoying life and we are saving one at a time.
Just released an injured bird whose nest was attacked by a toucan.

There have been a few injured/orphaned animals that have come and gone in the past few months. I am including pics of a few of them.

Dolly, the blind lamb, has been quite popular. Lots of visitors and of course they all fall in love with her. She loves everybody and gets along well with all the other animals.
And of course there are a few pics of our new two legged, human brother!! His name is Joe!!

Here are a few assorted pics of our little Lighthouse family

An injured kitten.