Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bess, Day 2

Bess had a nice, warm bath today. She was a little scared at first but the warm water, soothing words, soapy massage helped her to calm down.

She is now all clean, flealess, tickless, and feeling pretty good!!

She is still very wary of strangers and when my daughter in law came into the clinic room she went on guard
She is also very wary of men and yesterday would not allow my husband near her. He has helped me work with that and now she is beginning to warm up a little toward him. Her little nubbin of a tail actually wagged a little today when he was talking to her.

Who can blame her for being fearful? She obviously had a family. She accepted love from me right away. All of a sudden she is on the streets, alone, with no idea of what she has done that was so bad it would make her family abandon her on the side of the road.

Hopefully she will get over her fears and learn to trust again.

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