Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Got a new kid in today. A VERY PREGNANT little girl. We've named her Bess and she's just a puppy herself.

She could deliver her puppies any minute. Her belly is HUGE!!

She was dumped, probably because she's pregnant, at a nearby restaurant. She's been there for a while.
Someone who worked there contacted Animales Atenas and they contacted Lighthouse. 
I went up there last night but was told that someone had taken her home, then, this morning someone said she was still there....so I went and got her.

She was scared at first 


but once she felt a kind touch she came around really quick and is SOOO happy to be in a safe place, with a comfy bed, food and water and with love surrounding her.

Please say prayers that she is able to have her puppies without complications and that we can find them all perfect homes.


Cindy Wilson said...

She is beautiful, and obviously very sweet, and so are you for giving her everything she needs.

Cindy Wilson said...

She is beautiful and obviously very sweet. Bless you for helping her.

Lorna Smith said...

Frances, bless your heart. She is so sweet.

Terri said...

She looks like a real sweetie and happy, too! Hope she does well with her puppies.