Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're still in the running!!

Hola Y'all!!!!

It's been a while since we had time to write in my blog!! We've had a lot going on!! We had LOTS of abandoned puppies come into the shelter and that keeps us real busy.

We've also got a member of our fur family who is very very old and is nearing the end of her life. We're all just trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. She gets really good smelling food, whenever she wants it. And she gets lots of extra lovin'.

And GUESS WHAT!! We had an earthquake on Friday the 13th!!! It was really scary and shook the house HARD!!!! It started out slow, then shook a little harder. Then it stopped!! Then, all of a sudden it started shaking and the whole house started bouncing!!!!!
It made one of the big sliding glass doors jump right off it's runner and one of the screens came off completely and slammed to the floor!! Lots of stuff fell off the shelves and broke.
There was broken glass, busted plastic and pottery shards everywhere!!

We're all ok though and there haven't been any reports of injuries or deaths!! Mom says that is a MIRACLE!!!

We're still trying to win the shelter challenge. Our plan to win a weekly and then help another shelter to win something didn't work out but we still are trying!!

Lots of our friends entered photos in the photo contest too!! Maybe one of them will get chosen as a finalist and we can all vote for it!!! Here's the one Mom entered!! It's called "Happy Reflections"

If you would vote for us we'd really appreciate it!! Just go to,
click on the "shelter challenge" tab, click on Costa Rica for the country, click search, and that should bring our name up!! Then just click "VOTE" and type in the letters that appear to confirm your vote!!!
Vote every day and get your friends to vote for us too!!