Monday, September 27, 2010

Paco is BETTER!!!!!

Sept. 27

Paco is MUCH better today. He wants to run and play a lot but Mom says just a few minutes of wild and crazy exercise is enough. He got to come out back with all of us today for a few minutes!! He really liked that!!

He's getting LOTS of medicines but Mom says they are what's making him ...better!!! Well.... that and lots of lovin'!!!

Keep praying for him please and send healing thoughts.


More problems for Paco

September 23, 2010

Latest on Paco. He is positive for ehrlichia. A tick born disease. We had tested him before but our tests showed a false negative because the disease is in its' very early stages. The snap tests check for antibodies and the disease is so new he had not developed antibodies yet.

I found a tick on him the day I brought him home from the vet, so that must have been the tick he got it from.

He was not feeling well the last couple of days. The vet took blood and sent it to the lab.

We had tested him for ehrlichia.....4 separate tests...all with NEGATIVE results.
The reason the tests showed negative is that they only tested for antibodies. Paco had not had the disease long enough to build any antibodies. We sent blood to the lab thinking they would find an infection. The lab tests for antigens. That is why they got the positive result for the ehrlichia.

Tonight he was given an injection of an antihistimine and then an Imidocarb injection. He will be on 50 mg. Doxycycline twice a day for 30 days. He is also on strong vitamins and an iron supplement.

This is not counting the drugs he is on for the mange and the medicated baths for fungus.

Please keep the prayers going up for him and send healing energy. This poor baby deserves something GOOD to happen for him. And PLEASE vote. We're gonna need this grant.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Problems For Paco

Poor Paco. Although he is gaining strength and gaining much needed weight, he is, due to his very compromised immune system, still an easy target for any illness that comes along. He just broke out with Demodectic mange. You can see how raw and tender his little face is. It's on his legs and feet too but not as raw. We still are trying to get his fungus cleared up. You can see those spots on his rump.
He is SUCH a sweetie and so loving. Please continue to say prayers and send healing thoughts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pacos' 6th day at Lighthouse

Paco says "Thank you for all the prayers and healing thoughts."

From 8 pounds to 12 pounds in 6 days!!!

Paco is gaining strength and weight!! He is a happy little guy and enjoys running out in the front with one or two of the other Lighthouse furkids. He has gone from 8 pounds to 12 pounds in the past 6 days. He has an irritation on his face, ears and legs. Vet is going to do a skin scraping tonight to see if it is mange. Please keep the prayers going and send healing thoughts.

I just HAD to share

We got this from a friend today and just HAD to share it!!!

A Nativity Scene was erected in a church yard.

During the night the folks came across this scene.

An abandoned dog was looking for a comfortable, protected place to sleep. He chose baby Jesus as his comfort. No one had the heart to send him away so he was there all night.

We should all have the good sense of this dog and curl up in Jesus' lap from time to time.

This is too sweet not to share.
No one mentioned that the dog breed is a "shepherd!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paco night 4

Paco is doing VERY well. He is gaining weight and seems to be happy. He is a total love sponge. He lays his head on my leg to "hug" me.
He has a fungus. You can see the bare spots on his rump. He is getting medicated baths twice week.
Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pacos' 3rd Day

Paco is improving a little each day. He is still weak and tires easily. No wonder after what he has been through.
He seems to get along well with other animals and wants to play and run. He runs out of energy quickly though.
Hopefully a good diet, lots of love, and a clean environment will help make the difference for him.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pacos' Video first day at Lighthouse

This is Pacos first day at Lighthouse and he seems to be feeling a little better. He sure does love to eat!!!!! And who can blame him!!! He came very close to being starved to death!!!
He runs to me with his tali wagging now and,when I took him outside for a short walk in the fresh air, he wanted to get back to his clinic room. He is happy in his open crate with his fluffy bed inside and has been doing a pretty good job using the newspaper to potty on.
He hasd toys to play with and his favorite is a soft rubber kong-like toy that you can stuff treats into and they have to struggle to get them out.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Meet Paco

I just met Paco today.......He is about 7 or 8 months old. Paco was a street puppy. He had never had a family who cared. He had never met a kind human. He was thrown away and left to fend for himself in a strange place.

Probably born to a mama dog whose owners would never ever think to have her spayed, the puppies came along and, when they were old enough to take away from the mama dog, they were thrown away like yesterdays garbage with never a thought as to how much they might suffer.

After weeks of trying to survive on garbage and whatever he could find on the streets, Paco ended up wandering into a school yard. He had not eaten for several days and he was very weak and sick. He curled up in a sheltered spot under the porch of the school, to escape the rain, and he fell asleep.

When he woke up he was startled to see the face of a little girl very near his! She was crooning to him and reaching out for him with her small hand.

He was naturally afraid of humans. He certainly had no reason to trust one!!! He had never known anything from them but cruelty.
But this one little human girl seemed to be different. She seemed to actually want to touch him! She called to him and kept reaching for him.

Even though he was afraid, he was just too weak to run anymore. He allowed her to touch him, then pet him, then pick him up. Was it possible that there were actually "good" humans in the world? This was something he had really never considered and he was amazed. He had never even imagined a humans hands could be so gentle and feel so good!!! The little girl seemed so sweet and kind as she stroked his head and neck. She crooned songs to him as she carried him back to her home after school was over.

When they arrived at the little girls house he could hear her mother scolding her for bringing home another mouth to feed. The tone the mother used was very familiar to Paco. It was the same tone he always heard coming from the humans who were shooing him away, throwing rocks at him or kicking at him if he happened to be in their path. It was a tone filled with hate and ignorance....and Paco was once more afraid.
He had good reason to be afraid. The mother was not only ignorant and hateful, she was also evil.

He lived with the little girl for the next two days. She was very gentle and kind to him and he was so happy to have someone to love him at last! She shared her food with him and made a soft bed for him from old blankets on the back porch. He felt loved at last.

When the little girl left to go back to school on Monday the mother called a worker to come to her home.
“Kill this animal and dispose of it before my daughter returns from school.” she ordered. The worker picked up a hammer and, before little Paco could run away, he slammed the hammer into Pacos' head!

Paco started screaming! The pain was terrible! WHY? Why would this man do such a thing? Paco had done nothing to him and was not even in this mans way! The man has just walked up to him with a hammer and hit him very hard in his head! All he could do was scream! His head was too hurt to even be able to think!

The neighbors heard the screams and came running out of their homes. The worker, fearing he might be in trouble, ran away, leaving Paco screaming in pain. The mother never even bothered to come outside.

The neighbors called some people they knew who help animals. Those people called the police.
They came to the mothers house. The police told the mother she could be in serious trouble. The rescue people took Paco to a veterinarian and asked her if she could help him.

The vet was not sure how badly Paco was hurt or if he was strong enough to be helped. He was so weak and malnourished he might not survive.. She said she would have to examine him, have ex-rays done, test him, and observe him closely before she could say whether he could be helped.

When she looked at his gums they were not pink. They were not gray. They were white. Even after he came out of shock his gums were still white. He was extremely anemic and so very weak from the malnutrition. Now he had a head injury too.

The people who help animals made a call to Lighthouse. The vet care, tests, meds and all were going to cost money. They are a spay/neuter group and did not have money to help this dog or a place where he could go while he recuperates. They asked if Lighthouse would take the dog in and pay the bills. Otherwise they might just have to put Paco down for lack of money and because they don‘t foster dogs.

Lighthouse agreed to take on the expenses and to take Paco into Lighthouse when he is released from the vet..

The vet tested him for erhlichia and for heart worms and found that he did not have either of those horrible illnesses! That was a VERY lucky break for little Paco.

When they ex-rayed his head they found that his skull had been fractured but the fracture was not touching the brain. That was another blessing for little Paco.

When I went to see him today he was actually wagging his tail a tiny bit and seemed almost glad to see me.

He is, as I type this, having a blood transfusion. I will be going back down to see him tonight.

More on his story as we go along.

Please, please say prayers for him.

Hugs and prayers,