Monday, September 27, 2010

More problems for Paco

September 23, 2010

Latest on Paco. He is positive for ehrlichia. A tick born disease. We had tested him before but our tests showed a false negative because the disease is in its' very early stages. The snap tests check for antibodies and the disease is so new he had not developed antibodies yet.

I found a tick on him the day I brought him home from the vet, so that must have been the tick he got it from.

He was not feeling well the last couple of days. The vet took blood and sent it to the lab.

We had tested him for ehrlichia.....4 separate tests...all with NEGATIVE results.
The reason the tests showed negative is that they only tested for antibodies. Paco had not had the disease long enough to build any antibodies. We sent blood to the lab thinking they would find an infection. The lab tests for antigens. That is why they got the positive result for the ehrlichia.

Tonight he was given an injection of an antihistimine and then an Imidocarb injection. He will be on 50 mg. Doxycycline twice a day for 30 days. He is also on strong vitamins and an iron supplement.

This is not counting the drugs he is on for the mange and the medicated baths for fungus.

Please keep the prayers going up for him and send healing energy. This poor baby deserves something GOOD to happen for him. And PLEASE vote. We're gonna need this grant.

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