Thursday, June 16, 2011


ONLY THREE MORE DAYS TO VOTE!!!!! Sunday, June 19th is the last day for voting!!
Things were looking pretty grim for a while there and we thought we weren't going to win!! Mom and me and lots of people started asking for a miracle AND WE GOT ONE!! The 1st place shelter won a weekly prize and that makes us the 1st place shelter in the international category!!
We just GOTTA win the weekly prize this time!! If we do then the 3rd place shelter can win the international prize!! That would mean THREE INTERNATIONAL SHELTERS could win prizes in the shelter challenge!! Wouldn't that be GREAT??? All ya gotta do is go to and click on the shelter challenge tab. Then choose Costa Rica from the drop down menu for country. That should bring up our shelter name, Lighthouse Animal Rescue." Click on vote and then type in the letters and numbers that appear to confirm your vote!!

GUESS WHAT!!! Paco and Maracita got ADOPTED!!!!! And the new dumped puppies all got adopted too!!!
Paco went to live in California!!! Maybe he'll be a movie star!!

Maracita went to live with the only person she ever loved. The woman who rescued her and brought her to our shelter!! She is SOOOOOO happy!!!

The puppies went down to Dr. Cs' office and he found homes for all of them!!

Sophia, the little three legged kitten is doing GREAT!! She doesn't even KNOW she's missing a leg!! She teases Larry and Spanky all the time and they adore her!!!

We've had some great guests here the past few weeks!! We LOVE having company cause we get LOTS of extra petting!!! We're renting out our guest room to raise money for the shelter!! You folks need to come for a visit too!! Just look for our place at
You'd LOVE it here!!!

Gotta go!! Mom says it's almost bedtime and us perros are getting sleepy anyway.
Don't forget to vote for the next three days!!!!