Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meet Beatrice!!!

Meet Beatrice!!!
She just came into the shelter last night and GOT ADOPTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!

She is another victim of idiot humans who put a cord around her neck and tied her to a tree.
A kind rescue lady in Atenas rescued her from her situation and sent her here to Lighthouse so Mom could look after her til she heals!

Well we had a veterinarian come for a visit today and when he saw Beatrice he fell in love!!!
He adopted her and took her home with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll get to see her real often because he is planning to come to our shelter and using our clinic room once a month to do clinics for the animals in our area. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has a clinic in Grecia and is specializing in dentistry for animals.

This happened so FAST!!! Mom is still in shock!!!

Beatrice had already been spayed and was in good general health except for the embedded collar and an infected eye.

Why are some humans so stupid? Us dogs would never tie up a human and hold them a prisoner!!

Anyway, a VERY happy ending to this short story!!!!

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