Friday, August 16, 2013

RESCUED!!!! Thanks to good people.

Mom had seen a story about a dog in Limon Costa Rica who had been attacked with a machete. He had two horrendous wounds on his shoulders.
Of course Mom offered to take the dog in and try to save it as the woman who had originally found the injured dog has no money for vets and for care.
Someone volunteered to drive the dog here to Atenas to our shelter.
The dog was to arrive here yesterday but Mom never heard from any of the parties involved. She was getting pretty worried because she knew the woman had gotten a neighbor to sew the wound closed and Mom knew that infection would be starting quickly. 
Also, from the original photos she had gotten it looked like the spinal column might have been severed or at least damaged.

We got information today that the womans' neighbors all chipped in and got the dog to a vet. He opened the wound and had to do surgery on some sliced muscles and arteries. He put 42 stitches in. Half inside and half outside. The vet feels pretty sure that the dog will survive but may walk with a limp due to the muscle damage.
The woman has decided to keep the dog for now and a rescue group near her has offered to help her with meds and after care for the dog!!
Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are attaching the two before surgery photos and the after surgery photo. They are VERY graphic so if you have a weak stomach maybe don't click on them.

We're just glad this dog got the help it needed and that there were actually enough people who cared!!!
Thank you!!!!!

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Sam said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so thankful people stepped up to help.