Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hola Y'all!!!
We had a FANTASTIC clinic here at Lighthouse Animal Rescue!!!
All your donations did WONDERS for the animals here!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!

There were LOTS of humans (kind of like an invason!) and you never SAW so many animals!!! It lasted for two whole days!!! It was supposed to be three days but VIDA, the coordinator, changed it.

There were about 17 vet students from the states.
We had helpers too!! Our buddy Sharyn took the names and stuff out front and my human dad, brother, and sister, and our friend Brea, did all the various chores that needed doing!!!

Me and the other Lighthouse furbabies had to stay in the bedroom cause Mom didn't want us underfoot. (bummer)
But we watched through the screen door!!!

The vet students were SUPER!!!!!!!! I fell in love about a hundred times. (I lost count!) All the girl students were GORGEOUS!!! I told Mom to be sure to get all their names and where they came from so if I ever go there I can visit them!!

We had 5 Costa Rican vets working with the students. Some here doing spays/neuters, tending to injuries and illnesses, treating for fungus and mange, vaccinating, cleaning teeth, de-worming, and all kinds of stuff.
The rest were out at the farms tending to big animals like cows and goats and horses and stuff!!

They'd all work til about noon and then eat lunch here. VIDA paid the neighbors to cook and bring food down. People came from ALL OVER with their animals to have them treated!!!

They sat around our front yard and waited their turn!!
They spayed/neutered about 70 animals here but we didn't get to see any of the stuff they did at the farms!! Some of them came back really dirty and stinky though!!

The students names are:

Crystal Campbell from Lompoc, CA

Stephanie Morris from Austinburg, OH

Erin Schulz from Cochecton, NY

April Gessner from Wilmington, NC

Rachel Kuester from Bel Air, MD

Emily Hanwell from Anderson SC

Shannon Henry from San Marcos CA

Courtney Culbertson from Raleigh NC

Leslie Hutchinson from Edgewater FL (
She used to work for my Doctor Kim in Florida)
Kaye Gibson from Lanoka Harbor NJ
Sarah Casal from Brooklyn NY

Rebeka Sanabria-Leon from Puerto Rico

Courtney Crane from Ft. Lauderdale FL

Cordo Carraher from Oxford MD
Dan Arrington from Fredrick MD
Maritza Batista from NY

Genevieve Grammer from Colby WI

The vets names were,

Dr. Solano

Dr. Moncado
Dr. Villalobos

Dr. Zuñiga

Dr. Ellis

VIDA is the group that organizes the clinics and Sondra was the coordinator who did this one.

Mom told all the vet students that when they become vets they each have to come back to Lighthouse and do a free clinic!!!

While we were having the clinic some people brought in a tiny little puppy and said they had found it on the road in another village. Mom figures it was probably their own puppy but she took it in anyway. Now we have to get her spayed, when she's old enough, and find her a home!!! She's only about 5 weeks old!!!
Any of you guys want to adopt a really cute puppy?

I'm gettin' Mom to post some pics of the clinic at my photo site. We took LOTS of pictures!!
There are 61 pictures!!!
Y'all be sure to go look at them okay? It's the "Spay Days" album at:
And let us know what you think!! I love gettin' emails and Mom reads them to me!!


One really tired perro


Kodak the Eskie said...

I'm so glad that your spay day worked out so well and that so many animals were treated. I bet you are tired!!

Hugs, Kodak

Casper and pals said...

Wow you guys are totally awesome!!!

April said...

Thank you so much for all your help and hospitality while we invaded your home for VIDA clinics! Your house is so so beautiful and it's great that you open it to help so many animals. I'll definitely be back to volunteer some more.

April from NC