Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kerry, Zulu, and Swazi REUNITED!!!!!

Some of you have read about Kerry, Swazi, and Zulu. Lots of you donated to help!!

Thank you's are in order!!!!

Kerry was talked into leaving her dogs behind when she moved to Costa Rica from the US.
"Friends" told her it was unfair to the dogs to drag them all over the place.

Not knowing that there were other alternatives, (ANIMAL RESCUE, BREED RESCUE,) she allowed her "friend" to take them to a place they thought was a no-kill shelter.
They were wrong.

As it turned out it is a kill shelter and the dogs, 7 and 8 years old, were in danger of being euthanized within three days.

Kerry realized she had made a horrible mistake. Her dogs were very precious to her and she felt lost without them. When she found out the shelter was a kill shelter she was crushed.
She cried for days fearing the worst.

Luckily, Kerry's friends in Atenas Costa Rica are rescue people and, when they found out about the situation they immediately contacted rescue people in the US who they knew would do everything they could to help.

American Eskimo rescue people, Labrador rescue people, and others banded together to see to it that these dogs, a black lab and a min-pin who are totally devoted to one another, were rescued and returned to their now heartbroken owner.

The rescue people jumped into high gear to save these animals and send them on their way to Kerry.

Lab rescuer, Teri and American Eskimo rescuer, Heidi got the dogs out of the kill shelter and fostered them until plans could be made for transport. They got the dogs examined by their vet and got all the international transport papers in order.
Louise, another America Eskimo rescue person, got busy making flight arrangements and raising funds from other animal lovers, to reunite these three.

Wonderful, animal loving people from all over donated to the cause.

Kerry knew only that her dogs had been pulled from the kill shelter and were safe in new homes. She still cried every time she thought about them but at least they were safe.

In order to surprise Kerry she was told she would have to return to her rescue friends home, (my home) to help with a surprise for my husband.

We told her that she was to keep the hubby on the screen porch until we yelled for her. Then she was to bring him through the clinic and out the front clinic door to see his brand new MOTORCYCLE!!!! (He wishes)

My son, my daughter, and I went into the clinic and got ready with the cameras. Then we let Swazi and Zulu out of the crate, where we had them hidden, and called out to Kerry.
(Links to the video and photos is below)
The rest is history. She wept and kissed and hugged and laughed and wept some more. Zulu's fur was soggy!!!

The dogs
were as thrilled as Kerry when they spotted each other. Wagging, kissing, and hugging was the order of the day.

Below is Kerry's post to the wonderful angels who worked so hard and donated.

"Hello to all!
I just arrived here at the Jones residence to find the most amazing and wonderful surprise. I just wanted to say how very grateful I am that you all went above and beyond to bring my babies back to me. I was missing a huge piece of me without them and I knew I would never be the same having had to give them up. You all are very compassionate and giving people and I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for them and me. I will always remember you and thank you again so much from my heart.

You can see video of the reunion at

And you can see still photos at

God bless you all.
All's well that end's well.
Kitten (BudBud's mom)


Casper and pals said...

Wow what a wonderful story!

I had the tears rolling down my face. Everyone who took part in getting these dogs back to her is just totally awesome!!!!

Carlie & Nathan said...

What a great story!! I'm so glad she got reunited with her babies! I think this made everyone cry in happiness, us included!

Misti said...

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