Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally Able to Rest

Hola Y'all!!!!

Well, Mom is home today. She posted all the photos of the rescue babies yesterday at all the shelters, local grocery stores, and gave the final list and photos to the govt. officials.

She says she has done all she can do in that area.

She did bring out two more dogs yesterday. She got the one that was in the house that is about to collapse. She says he was laying against one of the outbuildings. That's a good thing cause Mom says if he had been on the porch of the house, like he was the first day, any little struggle would have brought the house crashing down on their heads.
He had gained some weight from all the food they left for him the first day.

He was laying there, growling at them. Mom tossed him a few kernels of dog food and he scarfed them down but kept growling the whole time. She put a small mound of food on the ground near her feet and placed the loop on the catch pole around it.

The dog was so hungry it never even noticed when Mom raised the loop up to get it around the dogs neck.

Mom sent Joray back to the car to get a crate ready while the dog finished off the food.

Once it got done and realized it was caught it started screaming, rolling, tumbling, launching itself behind debris and clinging to it. He yanked Mom down the steep bank three times.
She finally was able to get him around to the car and he stopped struggling to catch his breath. Then he saw the food in the back of the crate Joray had waiting and he walked right in.

Mom took the loop off his neck and closed the crate. He calmed down then and, before the day was over with he was wagging his tail at them.

Joray went back to the yard of the house and left food for the chickens that are there.

Then, at one of the refugee shelters, a dog had wandered in with an injured leg. They had been feeding him so he was in pretty good shape except for the injured leg.
He would not come to the shelter director but he did come to Mom. He liked her and let he pet him and love him, then he let her feel of his injured leg. He did not want to go in the crate though so Mom had another wrestling match to get him in. He was about 40 pounds and very solid so he was pretty strong. He pee'd all over her while she was wrestling with him and she smelled REAL funny when she came home.
Same with him though. He calmed down after a while and now both of them are at the vet hospital to be looked at and will go to Karin's shelter tomorrow.

Mom doesn't know what to do now. There is still an area she can't get into without a helicopter and no one has offered one. Mom says the animals there are haunting her but she can't get to them.
Y'all say a prayer for them okay?

Anyway, the photos of most of the rescue babies are below on the last post. Mom put up these same pics at all the places where the people gather so they might could identify their dog/cat/goat/chicken, etc. and reclaim it.
Altogether our crew brought out 67 animals. We feel really proud to have helped so many.

Tailwags from BudBud the very proud, but tired, Perro Primero.


Kodak the Eskie said...

I'm glad you were able to get those last two dogs. My heart aches for all the animals that haven't been rescued, but you are only one person and can't do it all by yourself. You have saved so many beautiful animals, I am glad you can now rest.

Hugs, Kathy & Kodak

belindahazel said...

Hi Francis -
Have you tried Regis call him at (506) 2288-6362 or see his web site at
Apparently he owns a helicopter loves Harley Davidson Motor Bikes and hopefully animals. Its worth a shot.