Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Earthquake Update

Sorry everyone but Mom is really tired tonight again.
She says we can use donations of food for dogs, food for cattle, food for cats, and chickens. Also medicines.

They saved one brahma bull tonight who was down in a pen with several other cattle. All of them were starving. They released cattle to a pasture where they can at least eat grass. The one who was down is now on his feet again after four injections but it took most of Mom's medicine to get him on his feet.

One of Isabelle's friends, who has cattle, knew what medicines to use and Mom had the medicine in her bag. The guy did the injections and all of them pulled the bull up on his feet. He staggered around for a few minutes and then headed for teh grass and started eating. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are other rescue groups showing up now, but Mom says they are doing nothing but getting in her way while she and her group are actually trying to rescue these animals. All they are doing so far is leaving a little food and water. Mom's group had already done that and had planned to pick the animals up on their way out of the area. This area might not even be here tomorrow as they are expecting more landslides tonight. Mom won't leave the animals in danger.

The other group has asked her to leave her rescues with them so they can tell everyone THEY have rescued these animals in order to get donations.

Mom refuses to leave these animals with them because they are not equipped to take care of them. Today, Mom opened the back of her car in front of one of their vets and the vet from the group turned to the others and said, "They have more medical supplies than our vets have.
But they are not doing anything to help. Mom has one vet going in with her Friday and three more going in Saturday and Sunday to the areas nobody has been able to reach. Four wheelers cannot reach these areas so Mom and Isabell are trekking in on foot with 50 pound sacks of food for dogs, cats, cows, etc on their backs..

Gonna be a hard day tomorrow.

Please say prayers for their safety (the land is VERY unstable) and that they can help lots more animals.

Mom is promising to send pictures as soon as she is able. She is taking as many as she can.

Very lonesome furbaby,

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