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Latest on the Earthquake Animals

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We are still having problems with the World Society. They have caused MULTIPLE problems with the locals, the police, the govt. officials, and have hindered our rescue efforts.

One man, an American from Orlando who now lives in the quake area, had three great danes. He stayed in his home after the earthquake. The first time he left was for two hours on Saturday the 17th to take his daughter to Alejuela.

When he returned his dogs were gone. There was a note on his door from World Society saying they had taken his dogs and they could be reclaimed at the World Society encampment.

He went there immediately, within an hour after his dogs were taken, and two of the dogs were gone. World Society had sent them home with some woman they knew from another organization.
(Keep in mind here that they were telling MY group that no dogs could leave the area, actually CONFISCATED two of the Lighthouse rescue animals, and even kept a very pregnant yellow lab there in their cold encampment when one of the vets begged to be allowed to take her to his home to care for her.)

As we were leaving the area on Saturday night he came flying by our meeting place and skidded to a stop. He backed up, shouted "It's not them. HEY!! Do you have my dogs?"

He had seen the two goats we were allowing out of the car to go to the bathroom and, in the darkness, thought they were his dogs.

He told us what had happened and said World Society had told him they would have the police stop their friend from other organization at the first roadblock.

We were back in there Monday and he, his wife, and his young daughter were there also....still asking for his dogs. They were extremely angry, (rightfully so) and were demanding to know where their dogs were.

He had been given the phone number of the woman who supposedly had them and had been unsuccessful in reaching her. They had also given him seven other numbers to try. All with no success. He had been trying for three days to find his dogs.

He was telling them that his female was WAY pregnant and he was worried that whoever had her would not take proper care of her.

THEN they informed him, "We are so sorry to tell you they have both been castrated."

The man was livid!! "How can they castrate a pregnant dog? Are you saying they aborted the pups?"

They said yes and that they were very sorry.

I had to leave at that point and do not know if the man has gotten his dogs back yet or not.

We were told we could not enter the area that day, Monday, because World Society had "taken over" and was not allowing anyone other than their own people into the quake area to deal with animals.

So we are meeting with the local officials tomorrow to try to get back to doing rescue. The Costa Ricans are a very non-confrontational people but even they have had their fill of World Society.

All that I have stated is fact. World Society is hindering the rescue of animals and is costing lives. There are animals in that area we have been looking after for their owners. They trusted us to make sure they had food and water. Now we cannot even get into the area for the past two days because of World Society. They even confiscated two of the animals that owners had given into our care. Fortunately the driver of the vehicle thought quickly enough to tell them all the other animals in the car were her own animals and she was taking them to the vet.

Areas are still sliding. People are begging the officials to keep looking for their missing family members. It is just a nightmare for these people and for many more animals.

At least I know the ones we brought out are safe and have a chance to be reunited with their owners.

Hopefully, tomorrow, we will be able to work something out and get back to what we are supposed to be doing.

Hugs and prayers,

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