Saturday, January 17, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009 Earthquake Update

Hola Y'all,
Thanks so much for all the prayers and good wished!!!

Mom came back at about 7:00 tonight with 12 more furkids!!!!!
She looks really tired and dirty. And some of those furkids smell REAL bad!!!!

None of them had eaten or had water for four days!!!!!!!

One is a tiny little mama dog, a min pin, with 4 little puppies. They are only about ten days old cause their eyes are just now opening. Mom says mama dog was BEGGING for someone to help her. Mom had to break into the house to get her puppies.

One is a cocker spaniel and her puppy that our friend Jack (a paramedic) pulled out of a landslide on Saturday. He had to dig her out cause she was half buried. When he reached for her she tried to bite him and he realized she had a puppy laying under her. He could not bring them out that day so when Mom told him she was going in today he went with her. He and Mom were SO glad the dog and her puppy were where he had left them. She got diarrhea on the way home and covered the car and Mom's leather purse.

One is a purebred schnauzer!!! It really likes Mom. She says it's becasue she was the first one to touch him after the earthquake. He was trying to bite until Mom finally laid her hand on his rump and told him "everything is going to be ok now."
Then he just melted and let her pick him up. He got a little panicky after that anytime she got out of his sight.

The rest are mix breeds and all are REALLY sweet.

One was just standing in the road, in the upper part of the earthquake area where cars are still allowed, in front of cars that were about to hit him .He looks, and smells, like he might have been buried and dug himself out.

One is a puppy that had come to the staging area for help. The policemen had been feeding him gallo pinto (rice and beans) for two days!! His belly is HUGE!!! And he puked all the way home!!!!

One is a little yellow dog that lived at the same house where the little mama and 4 puppies were found.

One is a white dog who has an eye problem in one eye.

Today, Jack, (our paramedic friend), Isabell, (a beautiful young Costa Rican girl), Max, (a friend from the Costa Rica Red Cross) went with Mom. Olga and her other nephew came later but didn't get to go with them to the bad areas.
They had to go in on four wheelers cause cars are not allowed in the unstable areas.
The search and rescue people had found two more bodies there this morning.

They are saying they have gotten all the stranded people out but there were helicopters back and forth all day so Mom says there are probably still people in there somewhere.

When they got back to Atenas, Joray, (my human sis) came up to help Mom amd Jack settle the dogs, nice and comfy, in their kennels in the clinic.

Mom, Jack, Max, and Isabelle were all POOPED!!!!!!

Anyway, Mom says she is too tired to type anymore so I'm gonna shut up and let her rest.

Karen, from another shelter here in Costa Rica, is going to come in the morning to take this 12 to her shelter. Mom sure is glad cause she is going back Wednesday to get more. Karen says she will take all the animals Mom can bring out.

For some reason Mom is the only one who can get in at the ground zero thing.!!!

Karen is really mad cause other shelters are advertising and asking for donations for the quake dogs and they have not even been in there!!!!!!!!

Mom promises to post all about it when she is rested up. Maybe tomorrow. She took pictures but says she will send them later.

Y'all keep saying prayers, ok?

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