Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009 Earthquake Update

Hola Y'all,

We got our first quake victim in tonight. She was found, by a paramedic friend of ours who volunteered to help with the human quake victims. He found her in a house that had been destroyed by a landslide caused by the quake. The human family, a father, a mother, and three children were all dead. Crushed by dirt against one wall. The little kitten was the only one left alive. She was sitting on top of the dirt that had killed her family.The paramedic had tears in his eyes when he told me, "I couldn't just leave her. She was all that was left." I've named her "Miracle."

This paramedic saw horrors today that he had never experienced before. Please say prayers that he will be able to block out the memories of what he witnessed. I am sorry and ashamed to say things are much worse than they are reporting. They are not telling the truth about the number of dead. I have been told that it could be as many as 400. The paramedics and rescue people are not doing all they can to help and are just standing around, in little groups, doing nothing. Probably on orders from the government. Even the helicopters, that are here from other countries to help, are sitting idle. Nobody will give them direction.

One pilot said he could only compare it to FEMA after Katrina. He was there. People are still stranded. Landslides are still occurring. Homes are still collapsing and families are still dying. There is too much horror to describe. Nobody here is being told the truth. They have ULTRA security around ground
zero and it is almost impossible for anyone to get into the area.

Why are they hiding the facts? They are afraid it will hurt their tourism industry.
May God have mercy on them.
Please pray.
More when I learn anything.

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