Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VIDEO of rescue on Youtube

Hola again Y'all,

Mom finally found a video on Youtube so y'all could watch it.
It is from Channel 7 TV here in Costa Rica.

It was made the first day Mom and her crew were in there. No other groups were there.
The news at 7:00 that night showed Mom, Isabelle, Max, Jack and their ATV drivers rescuing animals out of the worst hit area.

The next day channel 7 showed the same footage of Mom' crew and but other rescue organizations were taking credit for it.
Go figure.

Oh well....all that matters is that we got the animals out of there.

The little schnauzer they were trying to catch was so scared he was trying to bite everybody but Mom got him calmed down and picked him up and he immediately bonded with her.

The bucket Mom is holding has the four ten day old puppies in it. They and their mom all made it out alive thanks to our gang!!! You can read about them in an earlier post.

Anyway, here is the video. That's Isabelle with the long blonde hair and Mom in the bright orange jacket.

A very proud BudBud

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