Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009 Earthquake Update

I can only apologize for last nights e-mail. I am really tired and made so many mistakes.

Tonight's e-mail will be shorter so I don't mess up so much.

We went back in today but did not get to the area we wanted to go. We found so many animals before we could get there we had to return home. We only have my Montero and can load only so many crates into it. Hopefully, this weekend, we will have some large vehicles going in with us.

It was raining today which makes the land MUCH more unstable so the police won't allow anyone into the worst slide and quake zone. There are still tremors constantly. I have a terrible fear (phobia actually) of earthquakes so it's no fun being in these areas when we feel so many rumblings and the ground is so unstable.

If you stomp your foot it feels like you are stomping on something hollow. You can feel the earth vibrate from your stomp.

Please say prayers that we can save more of the animals and that we will stay safe.

Isabelle, Joray, and I brought out lots more animals today and will be going back in again tomorrow.

As before, the BIG "rescue" organizations are still getting in the way. We stopped there today to pick up one of my crates they had borrowed and, even though their "base station" is very near the quake site, they had no animals except for one parrot. They are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. Oh...and they didn't have my crate either.

Although I have no problem with giving them locations of animals found, photos of each animal, and any information they want so that owners can reclaim them, I will not trust my rescued animals to them.

Residents of the area have told me that they took homeless (due to the quake) animals to the groups base station and were told. "Ummm We're not really set up for that yet. We don't have any place to keep them. Just let them go.
"THESE PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS TOO!!! They are living in the shelters and in dairy barns, etc. They care enough to try to get help for the animals and are TURNED AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!! I am VERY P.O.'d!!!!

Karin has told all the organizations she will take ALL the animals so that is NOT a problem. These organizations just do not want to be bothered.

Karins shelter is called "Animales de Asis" and is located in Heredia. She is taking all the animals we bring out into her shelter to be vetted and cared for. It is, of course, a no-kill shelter. I am trying to get her paypal info so you can donate to her if you'd like. She deserves it.

Okay, enough. Please pray.

Hugs and prayers,

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Carrie said...

I'm Ziggy and an Eskie like you. My mom is Carrie. She is a friend of Carol Dreeszen's. I have to tell you, we all have broken hearts about all the animals suffering in Costa Rica. Mom says she wnts to help, but can hardly keep up with my health and medications, but we will pray and contact others. And we will stay in touch.
Ziggy, Zoe and Rambo Burton