Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Was Mistaken

It's back to work for us. No rest for the weary.

Ok, we lied. Ummmm well... we didn't exactly lie.....I was just "mistaken." We're NOT done at the earthquake site quite yet. There are still strays wandering in from parts unknown in the bad areas.

Mom had to go back to the zone today. A siberian husky had strayed into a stricken area and one of the neighbors, who is known to kill stray animals, had said he was going to shoot the dog.

Another neighbor, who likes animals, called one of the officials at the Freijanes refugee camp and told him about it. Then the official called Mom.

The husky seems like a really nice guy. Mom thinks he's awful pretty too!! He's pretty skinny but it's nothing a few pounds won't cure.

And there's also the little guy Mom got from the chicken pen behind the old house. He's the one who was SOOOOO scared and tried to bite everybody. Now he's in love with Mom.

Anyway, we are still doing our best to finish this job up.

Tailwags and snuggles,

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Kodak the Eskie said...

Good, BudBud! We like Sibes a lot. We are so glad you saved him. All our Sibe buddies on our blog will be very thankful... well, any doggie you save, we are all thankful.

Hugs, Kathy & Kodak