Friday, February 6, 2009

Video of Cinchona quake area

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Mom uploaded a video she took Wednesday coming out of the Cinchona area. They went there to rescue the animals that are left trapped there. They could not get to them because it has started raining and the mountainsides, roads and trees are coming down more.

Everyone, including the media, had been told by the big money groups that they had already gone into this area and rescued all the animals. They lied.

When they were found out they went to the outskirts of Cinchona (safe area) and took some animals out. They made sure the media was there so it would look like they had done their jobs.

If they had not lied Mom's crew would have gone in before the rains and could have saved all of the animals. Many are dead now from starvation.

Mom is going to try to go back in on Saturday and/or Sunday, by helicopter if we can get one donated, to get the animals out before the government dynamites the mountainside on Monday.

Please pray and if you have any connections to someone with a LARGE helicopter please contact us immediately.

Our video is at:

Say prayers please.
Worried tailwags,

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