Thursday, February 26, 2009

We're Having Company!!!!

Hola Y'all!!!

GUESS WHAT!!!! Aunt Louise and Aunt Jane are coming to visit us all the way from the US!!!
Mom says they are rescue folks just like us so that means they're our kind of people. They're supposed to get here Tuesday and I get to go to the airport with Mom to pick them up!! I'm the official welcomer y'know. That's part of a Perro Primero's job.
Mom says they are bringing lots of supplies for the shelter so maybe they will bring some treats for us perros and gatos too!!!
I'm limbering up my tail real good so I can wag like crazy and Mom's gonna brush my teeth real good so they SPARKLE when I smile!!!

Kerry, (Zulu and Swazi's mom) was so sad about losing Zulu she decided to go back to Canada to be with her family. She hasn't been there in along time and losing Zulu made her realize how important family is. Mom gave Swazi some booties cause she didn't want his feet to get cold way up there in Canada. He was REALLY funny the first time he tried them on. Mom video'd it so y'all can see.
It's at
Ya just gotta go watch it!! It's HILARIOUS!!!
All us other perros laughed at him and teased him.

We had a GREAT volunteer last week!! We haven't had one in a long time!!
Her name is Stina and she is real pretty for a human!!!

She is from some place called Sweden. Mom says that is a long ways away. She had to leave yesterday though but we're all hopin' she'll come back to see us someday.
She helped Mom give us all baths cause we had all gotten pretty dirty while Mom was so busy in the earthquake zone. I had to try to keep Milana clean. She is a sweetie and I always want her to look her best.

Y'all should see Tommy!! He is that really skinny kid Mom brought home back in November. He had given up and just didn't want to live anymore. Mom just kept forcing food and meds down him and doin' that subcutaneous fluids thing until he decided he wanted to live after all.
He looks GREAT!!! He lost a lot of weight while Mom was away so much after the earthquake. I guess he was just sad cause Mom wasn't here. He would go dig a hole in the yard and hide in it. When Mom would finally get home at night he wouldn't come when she called. She would have to go hunt him and love on him before he would come back to the house.
But now he is gettin' lots of lovin' and a big "puppy food" special snack every night and he is one happy dog!! He stands up on his back legs and dances when Mom says his name.

Me and Mom want to thank all of you who donated money to help us with the earthquake rescue. Finally we have gotten most all of the animals out. There were a few we couldn't catch though and Mom worries about them. But she says we gave it our all and that is all we can do. We all appreciate the help you folks gave us.

OK...gotta go help Mom bring the clothes in off the line. Will write more later!!!

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Kodak the Eskie said...

I know how good it feels to get a bath! Glad you are all clean and especially from a young, blond swede! Did you get a Swedish message?

Hugs, Kodak