Sunday, March 15, 2009

Aunt Louise and Aunt Jane's visit

Hola Y’all!!!!!!

Aunt Louise and Aunt Jane left Thursday and we sure do miss ‘em. We all had a great time while they were here. Mom says they should just go home, re-pack their suitcases, and just head south again!!!

They brought us ALL KINDS OF STUFF for the shelter!!!!!!!!!!! You just wouldn’t believe it!! Medicines, blankets, towels, treats, ALL KINDS OF STUFF!!!!!! Me and Mom were THRILLED!!!!! All that stuff will help out a LOT here!! THANK YOU AUNT LOUISE AND AUNT JANE!!!!
And Mom says lots of you folks donated some of the money that bought all this stuff so THANK YOU TOO!!!!!!

Aunt Jane met a man and fell in love while she was here so she has decided to move down here to be with her man. His name is Tom and he is a REAL hunk!!! And he is such a HAPPY guy too!! Makes you feel good just to be around him. We’re putting a photo of him in my photo site too.

Aunt Louise talked about Uncle Ray all the time but I think she enjoyed bein’ here anyway. I bet Uncle Ray is jealous cause I got to love on Aunt Louise all the time while she was here!! Aunt Louise loved on me a lot and kept calling me the “FAMOUS BUDBUD!” (blush)

So Uncle ray, when you see all the pics remember I was an innocent bystander ok? I was too small to fight her off!!!

We all went shopping, sightseeing, out to eat, and just explorin’. We saw all kinds of wildlife and Aunt Jane got to see a lot of the animals that are in her field book guides. She sure was happy bout that!!!!

She got to see Iguanas, Jesus Christ Lizards, Buzzards, Monitor lizards, a squirrel, and all KINDS of other stuff!! Usually we have toucans flyin’ round the house all the time and she kept watchin’ for them but the winds were REALLY bad so we figure they stayed away because of that. Then!!! On her last day here, two toucans showed up in the tree out front!! MAN!!! Was she HAPPY!!!!!

I took Aunt Jane and Mom for a ride on MY ATV. We went down the mountain, on the cobblestone road, all the way to Desmonte!! I think Aunt Jane liked it even though we didn’t get to see any of the white faced monkeys this time.

Mom took Aunt Jane and Aunt Louise to see some of the outskirts of the earthquake area. Mom says the workers have done a LOT of work there and cleared back some of the mountainsides that were just hanging there ready to fall. The roads are still pretty bad though where the mud is washing down across what road is left. They drove through some pretty deep stuff.

Once, Aunt Louise, who was sitting in the back seat, asked "Can I close my eyes while we go through here?"
Mom said “SURE!!! I’ve got MINE closed too!!”
Ya gotta remember that Mom was drivin’. WMFWB!!!!!!!!!!! She loves to joke like that.

Where the refugee shelters are located, the winds have blown away the shelter tents they had for the people, so they moved the people into “containers” (that’s truck trailers that you ship things in)
Now they have built little wooden sheds for the people to live in. Some are built at the shelter itself and others have been built at the people houses if the house has been condemned. The sheds are about the size of one average bedroom and whole families are living in them.

While they were here we had two earthquakes. They were in Grecia when the first one hit and they didn’t feel it. But the one that hit that afternoon was stronger and Mom, Aunt Jane, and Aunt Louise made us all run out front real quick.
The amazon parrot, that Mom rescued from the first earthquake, jumped off her cage when it started shaking and was gonna walk out the front door. Her wings are clipped so she can’t fly, but I guess she figured...............
“Hey! I’m not stayin’ HERE!! I’ve been through this once already and was lost for three days! I may not be able to fly, but by golly I can walk!!!!”

After the earthquake Aunt Jane and Aunt Louise had to calm Mom down cause she was pretty shook up. She kept thinking about all she had seen in the first quake.

One day, when we were out shopping for souvenirs, Mom spotted an eskie face!! It was the clouds, reflected in a car windshield!!! She grabbed a photo of it right quick and we’re puttin’ it on my photo site to see if you guys can see it too!! Be sure to check it out. Mom is putting a link at the bottom of this post.

My human sister, Joray, and Aunt Nell went with us a few times too. We love it when that happened. And my human brother Bud got to eat and visit with us a lot too.
We got to see the WORLDS BIGGEST OX CART!! It’s even in some book about world records!! Guinness or something like that.

Mom and Aunt Jane went to the Friday street market where they sell all the fresh fruits and vegetables. Aunt Jane bought some veggies and fruits and stuff and cooked them all up!! She is GREAT cook!! Then she could take the leftovers and make FANTASTIC meals out of them!! Us perros only got to eat the LEFTOVER leftovers!!

We went to the indoor market one day too and I got to ride on Aunt Louise’s walker!!

They loved the view from the house and we all would sit around on the porch every morning looking at the valleys and in the evenings we would watch the sunsets.
They really liked my human sister’s artwork too!! They think her woodwork is fantastic.

One night while they were here we had something called a “dinner party.” Mom and Dad have a young buddy who wants to start his own catering business. He’s gonna go to people’s houses and cook their meals for them and their friends. He is a REALLY good chef. So Mom and Dad decided they would help him get started by letting him cook for all of us!!
We invited Aunt Sharyn, Uncle Tom and Aunt Kay, Bud and Maricruz, and Joray to eat with us that night too!! We had Curry Chicken, Rice, Vegetables, and then a dessert made from something called a crepe with cooked fruit in it and topped with strawberry sauce. MAN!!!!!!!!!! It sure smelled GOOD!!!

OK…Mom says enough for now. We have to go upload some photos to the photo site so Y’all can see what a good time we had!!
Remember you are ALL invited to come for a visit!!
Just go to to see all the pics!!!

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