Friday, December 19, 2008

Laika Lays Down For the Lamb

Hola Y'all!!! And Feliz Navidad!!!

We had some excitement yesterday!! Mom and Aunt Nell left yesterday morning to go somewhere. I didn't get to go cause Mom said it was a surprise.

Anyway, they came back with a new kid!!!!
HECK!!!! New kids are no surprise around this place!! But this kid was different!! SHE'S A THREE WEEK OLD LAMB!!!! And wait til you hear what happened!!!

They brought the new kid in and I was the first one allowed to meet her of course. She is really cute and she has this red mark on her forehead where they marked her at the farm.

Mom named her "Navidad" cause her mom died while they were at a live Nativity scene. She is only three weeks old so somebody has to raise her on a bottle. Our vet called Mom and Mom and Aunt Nell went and got her. Aunt Nell had never touched a lamb before so she got to hold the baby all the way home!! She says she never knows what she's gonna get into when she goes out with Mom. WMFWB!!!!!!!!!

After I met her Mom let some of the other perros come in to meet her, with me supervising of course. They all sniffed her and looked her over and told her, "Welcome to Lighthouse!"

When we let Laika in Mom was very careful to tell Laika, "She's a baby Laika, be nice." Laika is bigger than the rest of us and used to be REAL aggressive so Mom supervised that meeting.

Well Navidad went right straight up to Laika and acted like she knew her!!! Maybe her mom was the same color as Laika.
Anyway, after Laika was with Navidad for a few minutes she offered to adopt her!!! She laid down and offered her puppy bottle thingys for Navidad to nurse!!!

Mom got VIDEO of it!!

Navidad doesn't know how to nurse that way of course so she didn't take Laika up on it but we thought it was a pretty neat thing for Laika to do!! Laika seems to think maybe this is her kid and Navidad LOVES Laika!

Navidad follows Mom around like a puppy and lays under her feet here at the desk. She has just become a regular member of the family and gets along with all us perros and cats!!!

Wanna see Laika offering her bottles to Navidad? Mom got it on video!! HOW NEAT IS THAT???? You just gotta see this!! And show it to all your friends too!!
Just go to

Navidad, the new kid


Casper and pals said...

Awww.... that's sweet!

Kodak the Eskie said...

That's so special! It warms my heart when I see animals taking care of each other. I love little lambies. When Clive had a hair cut sometimes he looked like a little lamb.

Hugs, Kodak