Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hola Y'all,

Mom and Dad brought this poor kid in last night. He came into a restaurant where they were eating and Mom grabbed him up and put him in the car. We've named him Tommy.

How can people do this?
Mom wants to get her hands on people that do this and do the same thing to them.
Personally I think people who would do this need to be euthanized.

She's not very happy today.

He's real real weak and is not eating or drinking. He's real dehydrated too. Mom did subcutaneous fluids on him, gave him Nutrical and worm medicine but he doesn't seem to be feeling any better. We just gave him a large dose of Karo syrup to try to boost his blood sugar.

Y'all say some prayers please and send some healing thoughts for this kid. Mom will get him to the vet tomorrow.

On a side note: "Chica," the little girl from the coffee fields, jumped the ex-pen and is back out in the coffee fields. We have the neighbors all looking for her. Mom has got TONS of meds here that Chica needs to be taking.
UPDATE!!! Chica has been found and returned to Lighthouse. NOW Mom can start giving her her medicine!! What a goofy dog!!! Who'd want to leave here?
Anyway, she seems to feel good and is now in the clinic in a crate, eating a large meal.



jane said...

Hey BudBud!
God knows...he sends these sick babies to the bestest woman in the world! Even if they end up crossing the rainbow bridge God knows he has sent them to a person that will give them love, compassion and empathy! So even when your Mom experiences sadness about a baby passing remind her that God sent her that sweet baby even if for just a few moments! You have a big responsibility too BudBud! You have to help Mom thru all the hard times! Know that your entire family plus any new ones are ALWAYS in my prayers!

Rubynator said...

"You are an Angel", please BudBud tell this to your mom for me.
God Bless,
Ruby & Angel Bee-Bee girl

Kodak the Eskie said...

Oh that poor little baby. I'm so glad that he is with you and going to the vet. Keep a tight hold of the little coffee fields baby!!! You ARE an angel.

Hugs, Kodak

littleroads said...

I agree with you, BudBud - whoever did this should be euthanized! Jane's comment is exactly what I am feeling - there is a reason that Tommy came to you - whether he stays long enough to get well, or if he goes to the Bridge, he is with you guys to get the love he needs. And I know he's gettin' it! Give him some of your butt-waggin' power, BudBud!

Best to you ~