Thursday, November 13, 2008

Milana's thievery

Buenos Dias Y'all!!!

Our little Milana is turning out to be a thief!! She LOOKS like a sweetie....but she has a little devil in her too!!

She loves to drag things under the bed. She tries to get the BIG stuffed dog under there but it won't fit. Heck!! She only weighs five pounds so it is all she can do to drag it across the floor!!!

Now, every time Mom takes a shower Milana steals her bathmat.

When the bathmat started disappearing Mom decided to watch and scold the culprit as soon as they grabbed the bathmat. Once Mom yelled at her Milana caught on the first time.
She dropped the bathmat and pranced off into the bedroom.

Then while Mom was washing her hair Milana ran back into the bathroom and stole it right quick while Mom wasn't watching.

Now she lays outside the shower door and watches Mom. As soon as Mom's back is turned, she grabs the mat and runs off with it.

She's a sneaky little devil!!!



Kodak the Eskie said...

Milena is a little sneak! Way to go!

Hugs, Kodak

eskiemama said...

Awwww Milena is such a sweetie! She looks adorable dragging that BIG stuffed animal!

Tammy & the Wolf Pack

Anne said...

Hahaha! Loki would do the same thing, except he would leave the bathmat and take our underwear! Not the dirty one but the clean one we intended on wearing AFTER the shower! He would take it and run with it in the living room and leave it there. Loki and Milana would be double-trouble together!!!