Monday, November 24, 2008

Gettin' Ready for the Holidays

Hola Y'all!!

Mom has been takin' some GREAT sunset pictures so y'all be sure to go to my photo site and see 'em.

Here's a sample!! Go ahead!! Click on it!!

My two legged human brother found a HUGE ol' bug in Puerta Viejo!!! MAN!! If a bug that big ever got near Mom we might never see her again!! And y'all could hear her scream all the way in the states!! The bug picture is on my photo site too.

Things get pretty hectic around here around this time of year. What with Thanksgiving and Christmas comin' up.
Us perros are all tryin' to figure out how we can mooch some of that turkey Mom's gonna cook and what Santa's gonna bring us. Mom is busy tryin' to figure out how the heck she is gonna find time to even BUY anything for Christmas.

Miss Chica, the little red dog from the coffee fields, already GOT her Christmas present. Dr. Solano spayed her, Mom vaccinated her, and now she's ready to find a new home!! She's gained some weight too!! She is gonna have to have a special home cause she's what Mom calls a "Houdini!!" She even can get out of OUR yard!!! And it's pretty much escape proof!!!

Chespita got spayed too. She's a TEENY little girl who belongs to a friend of ours. They wanted to make sure she got the best care so they brought her over to Mom to get her spayed. Mom took her to Dr. Carvejal and helped with the surgery. While she was there she taught him how to use his new ultra sonic dental scaler.

All of our vets here are GREAT!! There's Dr. Carvejal, Dr. Solano, Dr. Vlass, and Dr. Alexa. Mom's crazy about them!!! Now if we could just talk Dr. Kim into moving down here we would be REAL happy!!!

Mr. Tommy's doin' REAL good!! He's still awful skinny but he's eating regular now and he even jumps up and wags his little nubby tail when Mom or Dad go out to see him. Mom says he should be ready for a new home by Christmas time. He's still pretty shy though. Mom says he must have had some pretty bad treatment before he found us.

Our Krystal is feeling much better too!! Mom's REAL happy bout that and so are the rest of us perros.

The property next to us has been sold and they are down there with big machines making a place to build a house!! Mom says we have to stop barking at them so much cause it ain't gonna end soon. We're not used to havin' people over there so it's a little scary and SHEEEEEESH!!!! We're only tryin' to protect Mom and Dad!!

Hey!!! If you guys are gonna buy any Christmas presents on line be sure and use the Give Back America thingy okay?

It don't cost you any extra and whatever charity you choose gets a part of it!!!
That's as pretty nice thing to do for Christmas dont'cha think?

And if the place where you work orders supplies on line get them to do it too!!!

Well, gotta go. Mom says she has other things to do besides sit here and type for me.
I'm considering gettin' myself a new secretary.

Tailwags til next time!!!!
Be sure to check out my photos at and let me know what you think.
BudBud the extremely busy perro primero


Sharyn said...

So happy to hear that Krystal and Tommy are doing so much better. Can't wait to see them in the flesh on Thursday!!

Kodak the Eskie said...

We are so glad that everyone is doing well and the little Tommy is gaining weight. He already looks so much better.