Friday, November 7, 2008

Can you donate to help the animals?

Buenos Dias Y'all!!

We need donations.

We're gettin' ready to do a REALLY big spay/neuter clinic here at Lighthouse Animal Rescue. It's gonna last for three days!!! There'll be 19 vet students and 3 or 4 vets working to spay/neuter, examine, treat and medicate, as many dogs and cats as possible and they'll also be vetting the farm animals in our village. We'll be spayin' and neuterin' dogs and cats whose families can't afford to pay anything so it's up to us to pay.

I got "fixed" a long time ago. Mom told me I was goin' to the vet to get "tutored." At least that is what I thought she said. Well the vet gave me a shot, I dozed off, and when I woke up all my "stuff" was gone.
Mom says it is better not to have unwanted puppies in the streets so it is all for the good.

If you want to donate to help spay, neuter, or vet some animals you can click on the "Donate" button at the top left of my blog and donate through Paypal. All of your donations will be used to buy medicines, vaccines, medicated shampoos, cleaning supplies, pet food, and stuff like that. The more of you who you donate, the more animals we can help. It don't have to be much. Every penny helps!!! Mom hates to ask for help, and we usually just do it out of our pocket, but now we are gonna have to start asking.

It's bad here in Costa Rica just like in the states cause there are irresponsible owners who let their little girl dogs run loose and get pregnant. Then they don't want them anymore or can't afford to feed all of them. They take them out and dump them.

Us rescue dudes take them in and do all the stuff that needs doin' and then find them homes. Course we have to keep them, feed them, treat them for fleas each month, clean up after them, take care of their veterinary needs and everything until they find a home and all of that costs money. We need your help please.

If you can help with even a small donation please do. Us critters, oh...and Mom of course, sure would appreciate it.

Below are some photos from our last spay/neuter day. We did 37 animals that day and it was small compared to what we will be doin' this time!!!

Thanks in advance to any and all of you who can donate.

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Kayla said...

I remember that, we everyone worked realy hard that day, I could imagine doing more than we did that day... and for 3 days in a row??!!! I wish I was there to help again.. hope all went smoothly! <3