Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Gettin' E-MAILS!!!!!

Hola Y'all!!!

WMFWB!!!!!!!!!!!!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt)

I'm gettin' LOTS of e-mails about my blog and most everybody seems to like it!!! Thanks for letting me know!!!!

Me and the other furbabies have been singin' all morning. We are out on the porch while Mom cleans the house.
Dad and my bro have gone to look at some construction projects so they will be gone a couple of days. Mom says that gives us a chance to clean the house real good.
I've seen Mom in action when she cleans house and I am sure glad the broom and mop won't fit my paws!!!

She did threaten to tie a dust mop to my tail one time though!!

Rainy season is about over here so there won't be so much mud tracked in the house. Mom says that's a GOOD thing!!
She makes this frowny face when we track in tons of mud. And she yells too!! I dunno why though!! It's JUST dirt!!! And she loves the outdoors!! Go figure.

Another thing she fusses about is dog hair. I mean, what does she expect with 15 to 20 furry animals running around all the time?

She keeps saying, "Hey!! Can't you guys hang onto your hair?"

I told her, "Mom, just leave all the others outside and let me be the only indoor dog and you won't have that problem."
But does she listen? NooOOoo.

We've got to get a really teeny little dog spayed on Friday and Mom is going to help Dr. learn how to use the machine he bought to clean dogs teeth. Mom got one too, from our vets in the states, and she's gonna clean all our teeth as soon as she has the right thing to hook it up to the water. She scrapes 'em every now and then with some dental tools she has but she says this ultrasonic thing will do a LOT better job!!!

Well....gotta go. Mom just uploaded a video of Lil' Scooter after she came home from surgery. She couldn't walk very good. Drunk cats are FUNNY!!!

Here's the video!!!

Til next time!!

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