Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've Been Blogged...ewwww...that sounds nasty


As if I don't have enough to do Aunt Nell has now got me doin' this too!!!! She says I need a blog so my pals can see my e-mails on here. She says it'll make it easier for more people to hear what I have to tell.
HECK!! I don't even know what a "blog" is!!
Sounds like a bag of bad dog food or something!! "Blog."

Anyway, here I am folks, in all my glory, bein' blogged.

Man!! That sounds painful!!!

Mom says the latest newsletters will always be at the top so ya don't have to look for them further down the page!! That makes it pretty handy I reckon!

She also says I am a blabber mouth and she is wearing her fingers out typing for me.

For the latest news here at Lighthouse, little Miss Scooter, the new kitten that got dumped here, is now spayed. Mom and Dr. Carvejal spayed her the other day. Poor kid was drunk for a while when she got home and Mom took video of her!!! I think that's dirty pool!! Mom says she will try to post it on Youtube soon. I'm glad she didn't have a video camera when I got my surgery!!!

Then one of the neighbors asked Mom when she is having another spay/neuter clinic. They took in a feral cat and wanted to get it spayed right away so it don't make any babies. Mom decided not to wait for a spay/neuter clinic and took it to Dr. Carvejal yesterday.
We kept it here at Lighthouse overnight and this morning Dad had to wrestle it out of the crate with welding gloves!!! That was one unhappy cat!! WMFWB!!!!! Dad said some REAL bad words!
I don't understand "cat" language but I'm bettin' that cat was sayin' some pretty nasty stuff too!!

Anyway, she's fine and is back at the neighbors house being given her meds and gettin' loved on.

Our Krystal is still not feeling great. She has gained about a pound and a half and seems to feel pretty good most of the time, but then she gets an upset stomach and throws up. Y'all please send some healing thoughts for her and say some prayers okay?

We're gonna to have a HUGE spay/neuter clinic in December!!! It's gonna last for THREE DAYS!!!
There'll be nineteen vet students from the U.S. and four local vets working together here at Lighthouse!! That's a LOT!!!! Some of the students will be assisting the vets on spay and neuters and the rest will be helping a vet tend to the farm animals in our village. Goats, cows, and horses!! Our community is REAL excited about it!!
Me and Mom are busy trying to get all the stuff together for the clinic.

By the way, Aunt Nell helped us put a "Donate" button on this blog thingy so if any of you want to donate you can do it that way through Paypal.
I think that's pretty neat!!!

Our vets in the states donated some GREAT stuff while we were there!!!
We got an ultrasonic scaler for cleaning dog teeth and an autoclave to sterilize stuff in!! We didn't get to bring the autoclave back with us though cause it is so big and heavy. Mom says we will have to get it shipped.
We did get the scaler in Mom's suitcase though and Dr. Carvejal is helping us get the parts to make it work!! It was missing a water hook up thingy.

He bought a scaler too and he asked Mom to teach him how to use it!! She is supposed to go there Wednesday to help him learn.

We also got a BUNCH of Frontline and Heartguard!!! That'll REALLY help. It gets pretty costly when you have to do 15 to 25 dogs every month!!

Anyway, that is the latest news from here. I hope y'all will like this blog thing. Mom says she thinks you can subscribe to it and it will let you know when I post a new newsletter!! If you don't want to subscribe though I will still send you a post telling you there is a new newsletter from ME!!!!

So y'all PLEASE be sure to let me know if you like it or not. I'm a little nervous with all this technical stuff!! I've got my toes crossed hoping you'll like it. Makes me walk real funny too.

If you DO like it be sure to bookmark it and forward the link to all your friends who like animals.

Don't forget you can see my photo page at and you can see our Lighthouse web site at

And if you want to donate just click on the "donate" button. Anything you can send will be REALLY appreciated!!

We'll be doin' another newsletter soon!! Watch for it!! And be sure to let me know how you like this blog thing.

.......Hey!! This "blogging" thing is easier than I thought!!"

BudBud the "blogger" (that sounds sooooo weird)

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