Friday, November 21, 2008

We're on !!!!

Hola Y'all!!
Check this out!!! What a GREAT way to raise funds for your favorite charity!
And it don't even cost you anything!!!
When you shop on line, you can do it this way and a percentage goes to our shelter, or whichever charity you choose!!
Christmas gifts, airline tickets, pet supplies, almost ANYTHING!!!
Y'all go look at it!!

If you're gonna shop on line you might as well help somebody too huh?

They sent us this letter (below)to introduce their site to you.

Lighthouse Animal Rescue

We would like to formally announce our partnership with

We now have our own personal shopping mall listed on

We have partnered with to help our organization raise additional funds, all at no extra cost to you the consumer!

GBA logo is an online shopping mall created to raise money for local charities. The concept is simple, every time you shop online from your favorite online retailer (ex. Target, Expedia, Amazon, Ebay) a percentage of each purchase goes to your favorite charity.

How can You help? Follow these simple suggestions!


1) Use and our organization's personal shopping mall everytime you shop online!

2) Tell your friends about our shopping mall using the "Six Degrees of Giving Program"

6 degrees of giving

3) Save our organization's personal shopping page to your favorites!


1) Encourage co-workers to use!

2) Book company travel online through our mall (Ex. Expedia, Travelocity)

3) Order office supplies online (Ex. Staples, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot,

This is a great opportunity to help us raise money. Please remember to use everytime you shop online, it can make a difference!

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