Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can you please help re-unite three best friends?

Hola Y'all,

A young woman just arrived here yesterday, 11/30/2008 in Costa Rica.
Before she left the states she was told, by her friends, that it was not fair to drag her two dogs all over the place. She had no job for sure and not even a home yet.

The day before she left, wanting to do what is best for her two best friends, she took them to a place that she thought was a no kill shelter.

She has not stopped crying since she got here. She's got my fur all soggy!!
She loves these animals. They are, as she put it to Mom, "all I have left."
Her heart is breaking. She has made a horrible mistake.

They are a male black lab and a male min-pin. Both 7 years old. They are inseparable. The min-pin sleeps on top of the black lab. Both of them have had all their shots and are neutered. They get along great with other animals.

Is there ANYONE on my list, or do any of you KNOW someone in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, who could get these dogs and keep them until we can make arrangements for them either to come here or to find a home together there in the states with someone who will keep this girl in touch with them?

She only wants what is best for them.

Me and Mom know how full up all you rescue people must be. We were always overloaded too when we were there. It just never seems to stop.
God bless you all for everything/ANYTHING you are doing to help the animals.

But after having dealt with humans who just dump their animals and never give them another thought, it is heartbreaking to see someone who immediately regrets having given up her furbabies and only wants to undo it.

All us Lighthouse perros voted and Mom says they can come here if we can get them here.

Please please please help if you can. We all want to help this girl and her dogs.
If you can help or know anyone who can help PLEASE let us know!!

The dogs are in the Lied Animal Shelter/The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas Nevada.

Paws crossed,

UPDATE!!! A rescue friend in Las Vegas is helping. She knows some of the people at the shelter and is going to contact them. Y'all keep praying and sending good thoughts okay?

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