Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cinco Perros Blanco

I thought y'all might like to see a pic of the "Eskies of Lighthouse."
There's 5 of us American Eskimos here.
We kind of run the show.
Course I'm the BIG boss but I let the girls have jobs too.

There's Krystal, Chloie Amber, Princess Joy, Me, and Lady Juliette.
This is a pic of all of us up on the upstairs porch lookin' down at Mom.
If ya click on it it gets bigger.

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5 eskies! Cool! Momma loves eskies (and Muddy Buddy too). He is our terri-poo mutt but we call him an eskie-wanna-be.

Our Momma does rescue too. Right now our foster dog happens to be an eskie but often we have other ones too. We are involved with all breed rescue organization.

Woofs, Eskie hugs and kisses from Casper, Nikki, Muddy Buddy and foster dog Meeko