Monday, November 17, 2008


Our neighbor came over to chat with us this afternoon while Mom and Dad were workin' on the gate. He was tellin' us about his friends terrifying experience.

It seems he and his friends and family were all sittin' out in his backyard a couple of nights ago when this "creature" gave the visitors all quite a fright.

It leaped off a shed roof and landed, "THUD" in their yard. Silently, it crept closer, under cover of darkness, and began walking toward them!!! All they could see, through the darkness, were two, slanted, evil lookin' yellow eyes!!

As it got closer the visitors started to panic and shout!
"GATO DIABLO!!!!!!!!!!!" they screamed!!! (that means "devil cat")

The creature just kept creeping closer!!!

Our neighbor jumped up to look and realized what it was.... Just the funny lookin' cat from the gringos house. He explained to the visitors but they responded, "BUT IT HAS NO EARS!!!"

He told them that "The gringos do animal rescue and take in the abused animals. This is just one of them and is a very loving cat."

They finally settled down and Spanky strolled on over just as if he had been invited to the party. They all had fun petting and lovin' on our Mr. Spanky.

If you don't know about him you can read his story at,

He's a total love sponge and thinks he is a dog that just happens to be able to climb real good.

He greets all the visitors here and considers being petted his pay for being the greeter. If they don't pet him he gets his feelings hurt.

Anyway, we thought you'd enjoy the story!!


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