Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tommy is BETTER!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and healing thoughts for Tommy, the real skinny little guy from the restaurant. He is doing good. For the first two days he would not eat or drink. He just laid there and Mom was afraid he was dying. Mom had to do subcutaneous fluids on him several times to keep him hydrated. The vet (during the emergency visit)put an intravenous fluid drip in his leg but as soon as Mom's back was turned he chewed it into and it all ran out of the bag. So Mom just kept doing the subcutaneous thing.

Mom tried everything she could think of to get him to eat, but he just was too weak.
She kept giving him Nutrical and vitamins and stuff and finally, night before last, he showed a little interest in some hamburger meat she cooked for him. She hand fed him small bites, while he laid on his heating pad, for the rest of that day. By the next day he was up on his feet and moving around a little bit. We put him out in the ex pen for some fresh air and sunshine. That afternoon, when she brought him into the clinic, she had his bowl of warm hamburger meat waiting. He actually got EXCITED when he smelled it!! Mom was SOOOOO happy to see that!!!

Now he is eating six or seven times a day and drinking water on his own!!! He still has explosive diarrhea but Mom says it is getting better. She is giving him Flagyl to help stop it.

Mom thinks possibly he had not eaten in so long that the few bites of food he got at the restaurant put his system into shock or something. She's no vet but he acted REALLY hungry at the restaurant and then when we got him home he seemed to more or less collapse.

He's still AWFUL skinny but if he keeps eating like he is he will put on weight soon. Keep saying prayers and sending healing thoughts okay? And I'll make sure Mom keeps everybody updated on his progress.



Sharyn said...

WOO FRIGGIN HOO!! Soo glad to hear that. I was with you that night and he was pretty scary. If you can nurse Flaca back to health you can nurse anyone! Can't wait to see Tommy again soon!!

Kodak the Eskie said...

OMG, I cannot believe he has survived! He looks near death. You are such a sweetheart to save this poor little baby. I so hope that he recovers fully and gets a forever home. I know he has to be so greatful to you and the love you are showing him.

Hugs, Kodak