Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah Went to the Bridge Tonight

Hola Y'all,
Mom is kind of blue. She had to send a baby to the bridge tonight.

This afternoon a man brought in two dogs they had found in the coffee fields.

One was a skinny, little, light brown girl. Mom had seen her and had been trying to catch her for the past couple of days.

The other was a really pretty little girl who was a dark dark, sable brown. Mom had never seen her and we figure she had been hiding in the coffee field waiting to die. She was TERRIBLY skinny, limping, had goopy eyes, and big, nasty lumps all over her body.

Mom took them both to the vet tonight and, when he checked the dark brown girl, he said she was too far gone to save. The big, nasty lumps were full of icky stuff and he said it was not wounds. He said her poor little body was just so filled with infection that it was basically just making these lumps and oozing out of her skin.

Her gums were almost white and she was in a lot of pain. Dr. said it would be almost impossible to cure the HEAVY infections she was suffering from and that she also had ehrlichia.
He told Mom it would be more merciful to let her go so Mom cradled her, crooned to her, gave her the name "Sarah," and cried while the vet did what he had to do.

She went peacefully and she knew love probably for the first time in her life.

The little brown girl was not in such bad shape and she is going to be fine....we hope. She has severe infection in her eyes, possible distemper, and is pretty skinny. Her teeth are in really nasty condition due to her diet and she is only about 8 months old. She also has mange.
She is on lots of medication now and will be for a while.

Mom is hoping she will be feeling MUCH better by the time we have the fund raising party that Gary and Josanne are doing for us.

HEY! She might even get a home with someone at the party. Wouldn't that be GREAT?

Anyway, please say a prayer or send some healing thoughts for little "Chica" and spent a few seconds of silence for little Sarah.

Mom promises to post some pics on my blog tomorrow.

Subdued tailwags,


Kodak the Eskie said...

I am so sorry to hear about the little baby you had to put down. But I am glad that you gave her love and she didn't go to the bridge alone. I hope the other one will be okay. Again, Kitten, you are so special to do this rescue stuff. My heart breaks with each story. I am so glad that there are people like you out there.

Hugs, Kathy & Kodak

captainjack said...

Mom cried when she read your post and said for me to tell you how much she admires and respects you for all you do for the fur babies. God bless little Sarah. We will keep the other little one in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sending healing thoughts to your pack and to the new dog star 'Sarah'.
Sooz, Chimo, Nugget & J-Man.