Saturday, August 4, 2012

July 30, 2012

The new dog didn't come yesterday. Her rescuers had to go to a funeral. They'll come another day.
When someone dies here in Costa Rica they bury them within 24 hours. They don't embalm here so the funeral has to be right away. They have beautiful wooden caskets with plexi-glass lid and the only thing you can see is the persons face. The rest is covered with quilted satin. They bring the body back to the house and all the friends and relatives sit up with the body until the funeral. They take the body to the church and have the service then they usually carry the body to the cemetery by hand. All the friends and relatives follow along behind the body with flowers.

We found another really neat bug on our porch yesterday!! He looked like he was made out of green metal!!! MAN!! Was he NEAT!!! He wouldn't be very still for Mom to get pics but she got a couple of decent shots. Then she caught him in a jar and let him go outside.

The power went out while ago while Mom was trying to type this reminder. It does that a lot here but it usually only stays out for a few minutes.
And the lightbulbs are TERRIBLE here. They may last a day and they may last 6 months. Ya just never know.
When Moms desk lamp went out the other day, while she was working on a rescue on-line, she just went and got one of our storm lamps and lit it so she could finish the email. Mom's pretty bad at typing so she has to be able to see the keys.

Ol' Spanky still thinks he's a dog and he comes in and takes up the whole, big dog bed. He sure can lay in some strange positions!! Cats are more limber than us dogs I guess.

Please don't forget to vote today!! We need all the votes we can get to try to stay in a winning position!!

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