Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11, 2012

You're doing it!!! Keeping us in a winning position!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! You guys are the BEST friends!!

Just go to and click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab on the right. Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search. Click on Lighthouse and click vote!!! Then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!! That's all there is to it!! The next time you vote there should be a message just below the search thingy that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit. If it says Lighthouse then all you gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't have to search for it anymore after the first time!!

It's quiet today!! Aunt June and Uncle Jim are gone back to the states and our volunteer, Kristina, is off on a Costa Rica adventure!! All us furkids are just kickin' back and restin' here around Moms desk. 

Mom's plannin' to start putting together a new calendar for 2013. She's thinking about doing just a sunset calendar of some of our great sunsets. Maybe one WITH dogs and one without!! We'll let you know when they're done so you can order one of you want to!!
And GUESS WHAT!!! She said she might do one JUST FOR ME!! She says I deserve my own calendar. Ain't that somethin'!! Imagine ME bein' the star of my OWN CALENDAR!! WAGWAGWAG!!!!! 

Mom went to the Mothers Day dinner last night and had a really good time!! They served the moms dinner and the moms played games. She says it was really fun!! She says these ladies really play to win!! She won a matching potholder and hot glove!!! 
FIrst they had to dance with a balloon between their heads.

Then they tied a balloon to their foot and they had to try to pop each others balloons!!

Be sure to put out some water for thirsty fur/feather kids please and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!


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