Friday, August 17, 2012

Aug. 17, 2012


Kristina and her sister will be here today. It's their last day of volunteer work and we're all gonna miss 'em like CRAZY!!!

Our Juliette is becoming incontinent. She wears a diaper in bed, just like Joy and me...but the diapers don't fit very tight around the legs and if she's laying down it kind of leaks out the side of her diaper and onto the bed. Mom has a rubber sheet on the bed, to protect the mattress, but she still has been having to change the rest of the bedding every day and launder it. Mom says we have to figure out a way to make the diapers fit better so maybe she and the girls will work on that today.
Y'all say some prayers and send positive energy for our Juliette please.
We have several senior dogs right now and it worries Mom a lot so say a few prayers for Mom too ok?

Andres tail, where he got the bug bite, is better. He doesn't seem to be so itchy and the raw place he had chewed on it is healing up real good. Don't tell him I said so but he looks kinda funny with that bandage on his tail.

We're attaching another "CAT DRAMA CLASS" pic for you that Mom found on the internet. Cats are SOOOO goofy!! Ours aren't all that dramatic. Mostly they just lay around and snooze!!!

Here's another funny sign for you too!!

We're still looking through old videos and Mom thought you  might enjoy this one of when our little Sophia first came to us. She's a real trooper and she never let her handicap slow her down. Today she is an absolute scamp!! She runs, jumps and climbs just like any other cat and she loves to terrorize the others. What a sweetie this one is.

You're doing GREAT!! We can still win this!!  We didn't win last time 'cause we all voted for Aunt we kinda need to win this one.
Just go to and click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab on the right. Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search. Click on Lighthouse and click vote!!! Then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!! That's all there is to it!! The next time you vote there should be a message just below the search thingy that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit. If it says Lighthouse then all you gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't have to search for it anymore after the first time!!

Y'all have a GREAT Friday and don't forget to vote please!!!

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