Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aug. 14th 2012

 HOLA Y'ALL!!!!!
Kristina is coming again today and she and Mom might clean out the clinic so we gotta make this a short reminder.

Yesterday I got MY bath. Mom did it 'cause she knows I get pretty weak when I have to be handled a lot. I'm nice and clean now though so I shouldn't need another bath for a while. I don't do much to get dirty anymore. I just correct the other dogs when they need it and stick close to Mom. Those are my jobs.

Here's a funny pic Mom found online of another dog that takes his job seriously.

Ol' Spanky is still hangin' around with us perros. Sophia comes in here once in a while but not as much as Spanky. Lucy, the one eyed kitty, Larry with hip dysplasia and Blade with her split personality all like it better out front.
They love me though and when I go out to help Mom hang out clothes they all come over and love on me.
They're all pretty good friends....for cats.

Mom did a video the other day of a toucan in our tree. You can hear his "sound" in the video. Then she got video of the valley full of clouds. Maybe you folks will enjoy it.

And here's an OLD video Mom did of us when Bro first moved down and brought his radio controlled rock climbing car. You folks will get a kick out of that!!

Mom says you folks deserve a BIG PUPPY KISS for all the votes!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Just go to http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com and click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab on the right. Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search. Click on Lighthouse and click vote!!! Then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!! That's all there is to it!! The next time you vote there should be a message just below the search thingy that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit. If it says Lighthouse then all you gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't have to search for it anymore after the first time!!
Gotta run!! It's almost time for Kristina to get here!! Don't forget to vote please!!


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