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August 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

We got behind on our blogging again. Mom and Dad have been so busy it just has to wait sometimes.
Here's the posts from the last few days!!

Aug. 27, 2012 Monday
Hola Y'all!!

Todays' reminder will be another short one. Don, the injured cat, is keeping Mom and Dad VERY busy and they are constantly checking on him and giving him meds and stuff.
He is doing better and is not in quite so much pain but he is still in really bad condition. PLEASE say prayers for him and for little Mirri!


Mirri is doing GREAT!! She still has no vision bet she is 100% stronger and is jumping and playing!! She likes to be in the house in Moms lap but can't always be so she raises a ruckus when she has to be in the clinic room.
Mom did a little video of then today. You can see it at 

All us other furkids are just kicking back and being very patient while Mom has to spend so much time in the clinic. We know the other furkids need lots of help right now. We're a pretty understanding bunch of furbabies.

aa Moms office.jpeg 
We had company last night!! Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike came up from Panama for a visit!! We really enjoyed having them with us.

And Mom talked to an old singin' buddy last night on the chat thingy!! Mom really enjoyed getting to chat with him. He recently lost his best friend. His Great Dane, Jake. Jake was only 6 years old.

Gerald used to take him EVERYWHERE!! His heart was broken when he lost him.

Gotta go. Time for Mom to do more meds for Don.
Please don't forget to vote and don't forget about the strays and wildlife. They need water so set out a big ol' pan for them please.
Aug. 28, 2012 Tuesday

It's  been another really busy mornin' here. Mom and Dad spend most of each mornin' working on Don Gato. He has to have a lot done to him several times a day. And Mirri has to get all her meds too so Mom and Dad are in the clinic a long time.

Mirri is doing great and is getting to be a really spoiled little girl. She is bouncing around like a puppy now!! She is eating REALLY good so we hope she is getting over her anemia. She's gettin' medicine for that and she has to have another blood test next week to see if it's better. What a cutie she is!!

We had a visit from Don Gatos owners last night!!!! They really really love this cat and they are extremely worried about him. They have told us to just let them know if we need ANYTHING like meds, food, or anything for him and they will be glad to get it for him!! It's such a relief to meet people who actually care about their animals.

They have a little dachshund and a yorkie too. They said that Don Gato and the Doxie are best friends and that the doxie is really missing his buddy.
They seem to be really nice people.

They told Mom that when he didn't come home they went looking for him. They found him all torn up like this and rushed him to the vet. None of them were actually capable of giving him the intensive care he has to have right now so they didn't feel like they had any choice but to have him put to sleep.
They are SO glad Mom was able to take him and care for him!!
Mom is just glad to know that he has been loved all his life and has had a great family. Thank God for good people!!!

Dr. Sharon came up again last night too. She is happy with how he is doing. She was here when the owners, Priscilla and her mom Ivonne were here and she got to tell them all about what was going on with Don Gato.
Priscilla speaks perfect english but her mom doesn't so it was nice that Dr. Sharon could explain to her.

Spanky is hanging out with us perros again. Mom says we're not allowed to tell him he's a cat. She said it might bruise his ego.

aa Spanky back-up.jpeg
Thank you all so much for all the votes!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Just go to and click on the "Shelter Challenge" tab on the right. Then click on Costa Rica for the country and click search. Click on Lighthouse and click vote!!! Then type in the letters/numbers that appear to confirm your vote!! That's all there is to it!! The next time you vote there should be a message just below the search thingy that says, "This is the shelter you voted for during your last visit. If it says Lighthouse then all you gotta do is click VOTE!! Ya don't have to search for it anymore after the first time!! 

Tailwags til tomorrow!!!
Aug. 29, 2012 Wednesday

 All us Lighthouse kids are just relaxing and keepin' out of Mom and Dads way. They are staying pretty busy with Mirri and Don Gato. We're all used to it and we know when there's an urgent kid in the house. 
Mirri got to run around in the house with us for a few minutes yesterday. She sure is a cutie. And GUESS WHAT!!! She's gained 3/4 of a pound!! You can still feel all her little bones but not for long if she keeps eating the way she does!!!
Don Gato is doin' ok. He is still kinda in intensive care and gets subcutaneous fluids three or four times a day along with all his medication and working on the leg and stuff.
The biggest problem is he has not eaten since he got here. I'm sure he just hasn't felt like eating.
Mom, Dad and Dr. Sharon have all tried feeding him by hand and pushing food in his mouth to try to make him eat it.
He'd get a few nibbles that way but he still won't eat on his own.
Last night Mom used a 60cc syringe and loaded it with some really good prescription pet food for him. She put it in his mouth and he had to swallow. Then she did it again and again til she got almost a half a can into him!!
Mom kept checking on him throughout the night and he never threw it back up so that's a GOOD thing!!!
We're sure hoping it will get his stomach juices churning and he will develop an appetite. He REALLY needs to start eating and drinking on his own.
His owners came up again last night to visit him and bring some of the food Mom's using to feed him. They really love him.
Y'all please keep sayin' prayers for him ok?

We got a BUNCH of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) off our cactus' this week. And there's a bunch more growing!! They are REALLY healthy for you!! Check 'em out on line!!
Gotta go. Time for meds again. Thank you ALL for voting and PLEASE KEEP VOTING!!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!!!
Aug. 30, 2012 Thursday


Don Gato 8-29-12.jpeg 
Mom was syringe feeding him some Science Diet A/D  and he started licking his lips. That is the FIRST food he has shown any interest in at all in 6 days!!!!
Mom stopped syringing and offered him some food on a flat dish and he ate some!! But only just a little. So Mom fed him more with the syringe. She got almost 3/4 of a can into him!!!!
His family came to see him again last night and his "Mama" fed him by hand and got him to eat quite a bit!!
This morning Mom saw that he had been up and moving around in his crate quite a bit and had EATEN SOME OF HIS FOOD IN THE CRATE!!!
That's another FIRST!!! So far he has only eaten when we had him out of his crate and we pushed him to eat.
He's also sitting up and grooming himself a little. YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If he keeps improving like this maybe me and Mom can eventually get a full nights sleep!!
Keep the prayers going please!! They're sure helping!!!!!

Miss Mirri is doin' so good Mom is letting her come out of the clinic room for a couple hours a day to mix and mingle with us other Lighthouse kids!!
She has gained almost 3/4 of a pound and Mom says she still needs to gain about another pound 'cause we can still feel all her little bones. That shouldn't take long though 'cause her apatite is REAL good!!  Mom says if she keeps eating like she is it won't be long  before she has to go on a diet!!! WMFWB!! (waggin' my fuzzy white butt)
She is learning how to get around and she is REALLY smart!! She seems to figure out things really quick.
Mom did a little video of her yesterday while she was out running around with us!!
Yes Ronita, we're spoiling her for you!!!

Thanks again for all the votes and PLEASE KEEP VOTING!!
Aug. 31, 2012 Friday
We need to help the Bahamas shelter win a weekly prize!! If they win a weekly prize then it will put us in line to win the international category!! It's a win-win for both our shelters!!!
Starting Monday, FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, we all need to vote for the Bahamas shelter!!
If they get the most votes that week then they will win $1,000.00!! Then we can start voting for Lighthouse again!!
Mom will remind you again so we don't forget!!!

Our reminder is late again today. Mom and Dad have so much to do in the mornings it makes us late getting to the computer! They're doing all the clinic kids stuff, cleaning the clinic and 4 to 6 loads of laundry each day!! And it all has to be hung out on the line if it's not raining!! It doesn't give them much free time!!

At night though, when ALL the work is done, Mom kisses all the other furkids, tells them how special they each are and snuggles them. Then me and Mom do the head snuggle thing on our pillow and Mom talks in my ear so I can hear her say "That's my BudBud. Mama loves her boy."
She's been saying that all my life before we go to sleep and I don't know if I could sleep without hearing it.

Don Gato is doing GREAT!! He actually got a up and walked around a little this morning!! And he seems a lot more comfortable so Mom is cutting back on his pain meds. He's eating pretty good and seems to be drinking some on his own now!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!
It looks like all the prayers and positive energy is working!!!
He has a little infection in one of his wounds but Mom is really concentrating on that spot and, hopefully, it will clear up.
Please keep saying those prayers and sending healing thoughts!!

Mirri 8-31-12.jpeg 
Her Ladyship Mirri is bouncing around and demanding attention!! She's gonna be one VERY spoiled little girl by the time she is completely well. Please keep saying some prayers that she will regain some of her vision!!
Mom says she eats like a horse and she seems to feel REALLY good!!
So far she absolutely refuses to eat canned dog or cat food. She will eat dry puppy chow for snacks if she HAS to but she demands cooked chicken for her main meal.
Mom says it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture of her 'cause she won't be still!!! AT ALL!!! 

Thanks again for all the votes and DON'T FORGET!!! Next week we're all gonna vote for the BAHAMAS shelter!!!!
Tailwags and snuggles,

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