Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aug. 19 2012

It's been a busy mornin' here at Lighthouse. We've had two emergency cases come in.  One was a little street dog some people had taken in. She has a TERRIBLY infected eye and ear. She also has some sort of skin problem that's making her itch a lot.
Mom gave them some Benadryl (for the itching) and they're bringing her back Tuesday for Mom to take her to the vet.

Then some people found a tiny little 4 pound poodle in the middle of Highway #1!!!! That's about the busiest road in Costa Rica!!!
She was just standing there in the middle of the road and not moving. Cars were whizzing around her but thankfully not hitting her.
Our friends stopped and grabbed her up and brought her to Mom.
She is in pretty bad shape. She's really depressed and sad. Her right eye is badly infected and her left eye is infected AND is not going in the right direction. It looks down when her other eye looks another way.
Right now she is blind but Mom thinks maybe if they get the infection in the right eye cleared up she may regain sight in it.
Mom says she does not know why the left eye looks so strange. She says maybe the dog got a head injury. That eye might have to be removed.
Mom cleaned up the eyes real good, cut some of the hair away from them and put warm, wet compresses on them. The little dog seemed to like that.
She had REALLY REALLY long toenails so Mom cut those. She also had "stuff" in between the pads in her feet. She was in an area where they were working on the road so they think it might have been tar.
The people are taking her to the vet tomorrow so we should know more then.
Y'all say some prayers for those two furkids please!

We've had probably a million house cleaners here this morning!!! REALLY!!!
The house cleaning ants were here and all us perros had to stay outside until they were done!! Mom said they might tote us off if we got in the way!!
Mom and Dad just stay out of their way and let them clean. They  just sweep through and clean up all the little tiny bits and pieces you miss when you sweep and mop. Once they're done, they leave and go to the next house!! Is that neat or WHAT???
They don't get up on anything. They just concentrate on the floor and clean it all up.
We've got some pretty neat creatures here in Costa Rica.

Mom did a little video of them doin' their job and leaving.  You can see it at


Llutu went home with a friend of ours yesterday!!! He wants to adopt her but Mom says he should take her for just a few days to see if it works out. He has a big dog named Poochie. (We baby sit for her when he's out of town)
Poochie is a SWEETIE but we don't know how well she'll accept another dog in HER house.
They did fine out here in our front yard together so hopefully all will go well.
Mom told him that Llutu and Clem are pretty good buddies but if they seem to do ok apart then he can adopt her.
So far Clem seems to be doing fine. We're waiting to hear how Llutu is doing.

Maggie and Emma are here for a visit. Their folks had to have their house exterminated so the dogs had to come up here for a day or two. The house has termites. Mom says termites eat wood. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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